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Aug 10, 2002 08:44 PM

Any Good Japanese/Sushi, Thai, Indian in Htfd, CT?

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Does anyone know of good Japanese, Thai or Indian in Hartford or areas close by?
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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  1. the place to go is Char Koon in Glastonbury. It's billed as "pacific rim" food, but it's basically a really tasty mix of chinese, thai, vietnamese. Try the fried scallops. I also think Chikurin, also in glastonbury, is a good sushi place. I go to New HAven for Indian

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      Thanks for the info.

      1. re: Robin

        Tokyo/Seoul in East Hartford--no atmoshere, huge menu--buffet at lunch. Kashmir in Htfd good for Indian.

    2. Higashi in South Windsor it's the best! We've been going there for 6 years. It's always fresh and prices are reasonable. I highly recommended!

      1. I haven't been yet, (but will be going next week), but the "buzz" about Feng in downtown Hartford is very positive.

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          Just visited Feng's today for lunch and was very underwhelmed. I had the Miso Soup, Dim Sum Platter, the Red Snapper, and the Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie for dessert.

          I found the Miso Soup to be very good. This was the highpoint of the meal.

          Dim Sum Platter's contents were all very bland and uninspired. Tasted like the spring rolls came out of a supermarket freezer. Nothing really had any flavour - so that was disappointing.

          The Red Snapper was served on fried rice. It seemed like it was somewhat heavy in oil, and had a BBQ-like sauce on it - which was the only flavour on that. The skin was crispy/chewy, and there were lines of fat on the filet.

          The dessert was alright. Once again, more uninspired food, lack of flavour. The cookies in the dessert seemed like they couldve been bought somewhere and re-warmed. Once again, it was uninspired.

          Service was good. No long waits, food was out in decent time, etc.

          Nice atmosphere inside, but the dishes seemed rather contrived and lacking. Also, the sushi might have promise...I didn't try any of that.

          Perhaps the reviews are from supper, and maybe supper is much better than lunch. However, based on my meal today, I will not be returning.

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            My experience with Feng was much better - the three of us eating agreed the tuna roll was the best. I also enjoyed the lobster on a bed of nails - that was served with a delicious mango-butter sauce. Jestner, consider trying again!

        2. Thai Kitchen off of New Britain Avenue is the best Thai food in the area. It is located in the same shopping plaza as A Dong Supermarket. It is BYOB, but there is a package store in the plaza as well. I eat there at least once a week!

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            i think its 'thai room'.. and absolutely the best thai in the area. service is spotty at best though, so prepare yourself for that.

          2. It is "Thai Room". I carry the menu in my purse at all times, you would think I'd know the name! I am curious, have you tried any of the duck dishes? My boyfriend and I are working our way through the menu, and he is apprehensive about Thai duck dishes.

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              nope. i usually go with the tom yum, which can be had as a meal with rice noodles (excellent). also dig the sai ghock, but haven't been too adventurous with my ordering yet... i have since moved out of west hartford, sooooo