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Aug 6, 2002 04:39 PM

Portland Dinner Before Nova Scotia Overnight Ferry

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I am looking for suggestions for a dining spot in Portland prior to our getting on the Scotia Princess ship on Saturday night. I don't know Portland at all and we will be there early enough to walk around and get dinner. But I don't want to get too sidetracked or lost, so closer to the ship/ferry terminal is probably better (if there even are restaurants in decent location to terminal). Prefer a bit upscale without being outrageously expensive or pretentious. Or casual is ok too but I'm not looking for a fried clam/lobster roll joint or family type place.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Fore Street, Street and Company or Hugo's

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    1. re: Shaebones
      Win (Boston)

      Couldn't have said it better!

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        My husband and I just recently had a terrific dinner at Fore Street so I'll second (third?) this recommendation.

        Have a great time in Nova Scotia -- we've visited there (focusing on Cape Breton) a few times and have loved it.


      2. Did this a couple of years ago. Had a wonderful dinner at Aubergine soured by an absurd charge for whatI can't even remember. Aubergine may have folded.
        However, there are endless postings here about Portland dining.

        I would suggest you keep in mind that breakfast on the Scotia Prince, as I recall, was truly wretched. You might want to spirit some pastries out of Portland before you embark. Lunch and dinner, on the other hand, were remarkably pedestrian but reasonably decent. It's not a fine dining experience.

        Have a great time, but don't order coffee anywhere if you're a coffee drinker unless you stop at a Tim Horton's (Canada's DD).

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          I am pretty sure that Auburgine is still open. When I lived in Portland it was definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Sorry that you had a weird experience. That has never happened to me. I wish you could remember what the charge was for. Plate charge?
          Ribolitta is also fairly close to the terminal.

        2. I second the Fore St recommendation. However, one pertinent question: are you prone to seasickness, as I am ? If so, a light meal would be prudent. A friend did the crossing last Sept and was dreadfully sick (hopefully, you will have a smoother crossing).