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Jun 26, 2002 10:33 PM

Chinese or Asian food stores in Maine

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I am a serious cooker of Chinese food. I live in Maine, about three hours from Boston but occasionally go there on business and buy ingredients in the stores in Chinatown.

I have not yet found a really good source for staple items in Maine let alone for fresh vegetables, etc., (I will say that in the past few years the local supermarkets, Shaws and Hannafords, have stocked half a dozen of the more common Chinese vegetables and they are of decent quality.)

Can anyone tell me if there is a place to get good Chinese or Asian ingedients in Maine? Please include the address if you mention a store.

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  1. In Portland you can get very decent Oriental veggies at Hannaford. For other Asian groceries there is a sort of pan-Asian market called Sun, right on Congress Street near Longfellow Square. I've never come across a Chinese grocery in Maine, but there are many Thai markets, most of which sell at least some of the stuff you might be looking for.

    Off the top of my head:

    --Also on Congress Street, on the corner of Deering is a Thai market called Haknuman Meanchey, which is pretty good, even has decent produce.

    --I believe the Thai market that was right next door to Seng Thai on St. John's (which burned down last year) has reopened just a few blocks south on St. John's. At this place, before the fire, I was able to buy fresh galangal and curry leaves.

    --Vientien (yes, I know the name is the capital of Laos), a takeout Thai restaurant on Brighton Ave, also has groceries, but they are clearly second priority.