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Jun 21, 2002 04:59 PM

are there clams in rhode island?

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I'm thinking of going to the beach in Rhode Island this weekend, because I ALWAYS go north and not south. But my main reason for going to the beach to eat clams while I have a sunburn. I never hear about clams in Rhode Island. Are there any good places near any good (less crowded) beaches?

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  1. Here are three, all near Sand Hill Cove (officially called Roger Wheeler State Beach) and Salty Brine State Beach.

    Georges of Galilee is right near Salty Brine State Beach and walkable from Sand Hill Cove. It's popular and crowded but great seafood including clams.

    Champlains, right across from Georges, is a venerable fish market with a restaurant upstairs. Great food and great view of the channel with Block Island Ferry's coming and going.

    Aunt Caries at, the other end of Sand Hill Cove, also has great clams and a real shore atmosphere.

    Endjoy your trip to RI

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      Professor Warren H Chelline

      The stronger-flavored clams of Rhode Island are caller "quohogs," with varying spellings and harder shells. Delicious! Warren, Brown'45

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        I will never understand the constant plug for George's. The food is really bad. And it's always been bad.

      2. Rhode Island got lots of clams we also call some small ones quahoag's,There is Aunt Carrie's in narragansett also george's of Galliee and afew other places? you can go claming yourself and cook your own,I wish I was back in RI,but have to wait till prices of homes go up in fl to sell?

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          You can buy clams of every variety at 95% of the restaurants along the RI coast.

        2. my new favorite clam place is evelyns in tiverton ri. it was featured on Diners drive ins and dives. i travel from cape cod to here it is worth the trip. nice setting as well. have the rhode island clear clam chowder and the clam cakes. The whole belly fried clams are among the best ive had.

          1. Horseneck Beach in Westport MA is beautiful- just over the RI border. Back Eddy Restaurant on the water is great for seafood. Also, Evelyn's which another poster recommended is a short drive from WEstport.

            1. rhode island has the best clams in the world,theres tons of clam shacks everywhere,clear clam chowder rules in these parts too.clam cakes are the greatest ,and you can only get them here.stuffed quohogs rule too,and how bout little necks on the half shell??get your damn clam ass down here!!!!!!!!!!