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Jun 5, 2002 03:19 PM

New Preston CT, Lake Warmaug area

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Many years ago ( more than I would like to admit)my ex wife and I use to frequent this area ( mostly for lunch at the Hopkins Inn, with a side trip to Kent Falls and a visit to the Hopkins Winery). Can anyone tell me if the Hopkins is still a nice place to visit for lunch and is the food still decent. I know the view from the terrace under the tree was extremely pleasant. Any other suggestions in the area ?

Thank you.

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    charles monagan

    My sister and her husband spent last weekend at the Hopkins Inn (while we grappled with their children). It remains a very pleasant place, with terrific lake views and good, not great, food (Austrian/German cuisine). The nearby Boulders Inn is more upscale, with new ownership, and the Birches Inn offers very good food. Inn at Lake Waramaug is no more.

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      Have you tried the GW Tavern in Washington Depot. If you want country instead of The Mayflower Inn, it's a good bet

    2. This looks like an old post, but I had to comment for new readers. Hopkins Inn is beautiful, excellent food, great yet unhurried service. A must to try in nearby Gaylordsville is The White Peach. Continental cuisine in a relaxed, casual, yet elegant atmosphere. Many interesting, tasty dishes and always a vegetarian selection. The food is all locally grown and purchased, lots of organic farm raised produce. Great wine selection and surprisingly affordable. The chef is known to stroll thru and chat with the patrons. You are sure to have a lovely time. A great find!

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        The White Peach!? Yuck! I had one good meal there, followed by 3 bad ones, topped off by miserable service for the last meal (refusing to honor a reservation because they had overbooked).

        Unfortunately for Litchfield Co., the large proportion of one-time or summer-only customers leads to an inevitable decline in quality for most higher-end restaurants. Same thing happened to Thomas Moran, Moosilauke, etc...

        I second the recommendation of GW Tavern, It is what it is, but that "is" is quite good. And for simple American food of the salad-bar-with-dinner variety, don't dismiss the Bulls Bridge Inn, either.

        I also hear the Mayflower Inn has a new chef, but I haven't tried it yet,