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Any recommends for area around Enfield Ct on Mass. border

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Anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in the area around Enfield Ct. on Mass. border

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  1. If you're not bound to the Enfield area, you might want to take the short 20-30 minute drive north to Northampton, Massachusetts which has too many choices to succinctly list here. Try a search for Northampton on the Chowhound site and you'll come up with numerous choices across a wide range of cuisines and price levels.

    Northampton's a great arts town (annually ranked among the nation's best small town art communities) and boasts one of the richest restaurant communities in the area as well.

    1. There's Figaro in Enfield which has Italian; not bad. Jonathan Pasco's down route 5 south for a few minutes. If you go to Springfield either go to the Student Prince which is excellent German food or the Red Rose which has some of the best pizza you will ever eat.

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        Peter B. Wolf

        Stick to the StudentPrince in Springfield Mass, 8 Fort Street, 413-734-7475

        1. Caffeine's in West Springfield is a terrific cafe/bistro type restaurant. Easy to get to: about five minutes west of I-91 on Route 147 across from the Big E fairgrounds.

          1. There is a reportedly good and obviousloy unique Romanian restaurant in Enfield. I believe it is called Sophie's but can't be sure. Might be worth a look-up.

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              Sophia's International Cuisine might be the right name - awesome!!! A rare find for the Enfield area. Homemade bread and a wonderful soup (cabbage ?) served family style at the table. Our whole family loved it. It is tough to find the restaurant and the seating waqs a little awkward, but worth the trouble!

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                It is Silvia's International Restaurant, not Sophia's. The website is www.silviasrestaurant.com and yes, Silvia bakes her own bread. Silvia is from Romania so Romanian and Hungarian is her specialty but if you like German or Polish or Italian food you can feel at home too. This is a REALLY good restaurant if you like really good food. The neighborhood is not the greatest but parking is fine and safe.

            2. For breakfast, I'd head down from Enfield on Rte 5 South to East Windsor to Hotcakes. Homey atmosphere, killer homemade cinnamon toast. Can't-miss breakfast.

              For Mexican, you can't beat Sarapes on Rte 5 in Enfield near Enfield Chrysler Plymouth. Same story-tiny place, homey atmosphere and delicious authentic food.

              If you're dying for a great little burger, Take 91 N to Rte 5 North to White Hut on Memorial Ave in W Springfield (follow Big E signs). Simple menu- burgers, cheeseburgers,hotdogs, fries, that's it. Be sure to order the fried onions on your burger. There are only a few counter stools and a small table where you can stand and eat. Lunch time is best when it's packed with locals and they are calling out the orders. It's a classic!
              Hofbraus House is right near there too and is a consistent hitter for German food.
              While you're up there, I'd continue north on Rte 5 in WS past the Showcase Cinemas and head to Donut Dip (right side of the road a little ways up after you go past Chili's) to bring home the best donuts in the area. It's a blast from the past kind of place and has the best cider donuts around.
              I would second Red Rose for pizza as well as the Student Prince for German.
              Pizza Shoppe on Shaker Road in Enfield has its fans but mostly if you like their sweet crust. Bon Appetit!

              1. There is the Maine Fish Market and Restaurant in East Windsor. If you like seafood, its probably only about a 10 to 15 min. drive from Enfield. Am including the web site . Take a look. Might be a place you are interested in trying. (http://www.mainefishmarket.com/) Good luck.. Earle Ct.