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Apr 9, 2002 03:44 PM

York Steak House in CT

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Does anyone know if there are any left? Does anyone remember the cod with almonds and the bright orange salad dressing?

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  1. I had nearly forgotten about York Steak House! The cod with almonds was my mom's favorite. As of a couple years ago, I drove by the one in Attleboro, MA, still up and running. I wonder if it's still there.

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    1. re: Kitty

      I was a huge fan as well. As a teen, I enjoyed the York's across from the North Dartmouth Mall in Massachusetts. My favorite was the sauteed sirloin tips with their awesome steak sauce and the salad with blue cheese dressing. YUM!!! PLEASE Chowhounds let us know if there are any left.

      1. re: Zina

        Oh where oh where can we find a York Steak House somewhere in the midwest? My friend and I used to work there and we LOVED the sirloin tips with onions and mushrooms - and don't forget the Whoopie Cake! Does anyone know of any York Steak Houses in the Central to Southern Illinois/Missouri area? Does anyone know why they closed most of their restaurants in the St. Louis area to begin with? If anyone has any hints, post a response and let us know!!!!

        1. re: D and R

          York Steak House
          4220 W. Broad Street
          Columbus, Ohio 43228
          Business: (614) 272-6485
          Fax: (614) 272-0434