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Apr 8, 2002 05:14 PM

In search of Valle's.....

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I've become obsessed with locating any Valle's restaurants (steakhouse/family restaurant) that might still exist in New England. The Valle's in Chestnut Hill, Mass. was the site of many family gatherings during my childhood, and a return trip would be nostalgic, to say the least! I keep hearing rumors (near Portland, Maine/somewhere in Connecticut) but all leads have not panned out. So, who has the definitive word? Let me know about closings, sightings, other info, etc. Other Valle's reminiscences would be welcomed as well. Chowhounds, I know you won't let me down!

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  1. I live in Ct. and know of no Valle's Steak Houses left here. A google search makes a pretty good case that one exists in Portland, Me. 1140 Brighton Ave. (207) 774-4551. Give it a call and find out..let us know.

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      Roy, I tried the phone number, and it appears to be a private residence. I think I tried it before, also based on a Google search. So, how about it Portland people....what's the deal with your Valle's?

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        Sorry, I think it closed within the past couple of years.

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          Yep, about a year ago.

    2. Once upon a time there was a Valle's on Rt. 93 in Andover - it has since closed (probably around the late 80's) and it is now the Grill 93.

      1. The chain (32 restaurants at it's late 70's peak) was bought out by some Canadian company in the '80s. The original one in Andover is now called Grill 93:

        1. My family, too used to like to go there on Sundays in Chestnut Hill, MA. My family are big bread eaters. We used to devour the rolls and butter. How about their prime rib? I also enjoyed their peas as a side dish. Happy Hunting.


          1. I suspect you no longer check this site after 10 years, but if by chance you do, you may be interested in the wikipedia article I wrote on Valle's