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Mar 13, 2002 10:07 PM


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Hey, when in the Berkshires do not miss Once Upon a Table, the Mews Stockbridge, Ma. 01262. Intense bistro styled food with international influence. No hype, just incredible food in a cozy atmosphere. This should be everyone's first stop in the Berkshires.
Next stop in the summer month's should be Bistro Zinc Castle St. Lenox, Ma., I was not a fan of their last winter menu. Pizza should always be had at Salerno's of Franklin St. in Lenox or Babalouie's of Main St. Great Barrington. For a bit of the authentic mexican cuisine do try Cactus Cafe of Main St. Lee. My closing suggestion is a place I have only partaken of once From Ketchup to Caviar of Main St. Lee, wonderful American French infusion.

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  1. Speaking of the Berkshires... Once a year I find myself driving from Dalton to South Egremont, mostly along Rte. 7, in a great hurry. It's always a Sunday morning, so a lot of places are closed. Does anybody know where I can stop for a quick breakfast, or, barring that, a good takeout lunch?

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      You can always get an interesting meal at Sweet Pea and Petunia's on rt. 7 in Great Barrington. (Across from the KMart Plaza. My favorite breakfast spot is at the end of Railroad Street (in the center of town) a wonderful place open every day called Martin's.

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      1. I will second Once Upon a Table. Had a couple of lunches there that were pure bliss.
        I would also like to give kudos to Chez Nous in Lee. DH and I spent a significant anniversary dinner there a couple of years ago, and we couldn't have picked better.
        And on the other end of the spectrum, The Locker Room in Lee wiil always be a favorite. It's a bar-type of place with goddamned decent food, and friendly service for very reasonable money.

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          Chez Nous in Lee took over the Ketchup to Caviar space and it was terrific! Have been to Once Upon a Table for lunch and loved it, though "cozy" is putting it mildly!

        2. Rouge in W. Stockbridge is a great place to eat. I love the mussels there.

          1. Any recs for dining in Williamstown? Any places with nice outside dining?

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              I'm not sure about outside dining, but when we stayed in Williamstown we traveled a bit south ( I think on 7) - about 15 minutes, to Mill on the Floss. It's very nice - it looks like an old French restaurant. We always enjoyed it.