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Feb 18, 2002 07:52 PM

Little Saigon 2 in Montville, CT

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David, we went down to Montville today for lunch at Little Saigon 2. Thanks for the recommendation. When we first walked in I thought the place was empty but the entrance dining room is for smokers. We waited to be seated and saw the fish tank bar which is totally awesome. The place is spotless. We were taken to the second dining room where there were others dining for lunch. As we ate the restaurant became quite busy.

Our apps were fried wontons which were just okay, spring rolls (good) and the pork meatballs which you recommended. They were delicious. The hostess showed us how to coat the rice paper with the sauce and wrap all the ingredients together. The cilantro and thai basil made the whole dish taste so fresh.

I ordered the barbeque pork bun which was a bowl of rice vermicelli mixed in with cucumbers, bean sprouts, napa cabbage, cilantro, thai basil and of course the barbeque pork. Very refreshing and delicious. I brought it home for dinner tonight. I didn't expect a dish of vermicelli to be described as a "bun." But that is my ignorance. Also the dish had no sauce which made it nice and light.

My partner had the broken rice with charbroiled pork. He said it was a little dry but very very good.

I kept checking out what was going on around us and noticed everyone was ordering large bowls of different kinds of soup. I have never eaten Vietnamese cuisine before and was glad for the nice change of pace.

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  1. I live in norwich ct just down the street from montville. Where is this resturant/ in the casino? I had gastric bypass surgery last year and do not eat much. is there any problems asking for small orders/ love aisian foods. i will give a report after finding out where this place is. Thanks

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      It is located in the Midway Shopping Center, 601 Norwich-New London Tpk, Uncasville CT 06382. Tel 860-848-8881. Fax 860-848-8880. The latest SE CT yellow pages has their menu which lists $7.95 lunch specials. Haven't been yet.

      Reviewed in The Day (New London CT) 2/14/2002. Link below.