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Jan 1, 2002 09:16 AM

Rocky Point Park Shore Dinner Hall, Warwick, RI

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Happy New Year!

This may seem early to be asking about a summer dining spot, but we're starting to think about and plan vacations now. A number of years ago, I read about "Rocky Point Park Shore Dinner Hall" (Rocky Point Park, Warwick, RI) in Jane and Michael Stern's "Roadfood and Goodfood" book. The way they describe it has had me fantasizing about stopping there on the way to our annual post-Labor Day week vacation on Cape Cod.

Has anyone been there who could recommend it? Is it worth making a special trip? The description in "Roadfood" makes it sound like a worthy Chowhound destination. We would arrive sometime Sunday afternoon (the Sunday before Labor Day). I did a Google Search and found a little information but would appreciate hearing from Chowhounds about their experiences there.

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  1. Well, I guess I should've done a little more searching before I posted my question since I discovered that the Shore Dinner Hall has been closed since 1995. And, after scanning some websites, I think the whole area's been developed and condos built on the site of the Amusement Park and Dinner Hall. *Sigh* I didn't realize how old my "Roadfood and Goodfood" book was; I guess RPPSDH'll just be a wonderful fantasy after all...

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    1. re: Sandi H.

      You brought back memories. My grandparents and I would go to Rocky Point for the rides and the chowder and clam cakes. The hall was always packed. If you wanted the lobster you had to sit in a separate location other than just chowder and clam cakes. I brought my kids to Rocky Point and now they miss it! They have a web site that talks about reviving the park! I hope they do.

      1. re: Nancy Ives
        Professor Warren H. Chelline

        Your mention of Rocky Point certainly brought back memories of my boyhood--70 years ago. The great clam cakes, and all those wonderful shore dinners. Too bad they are defunct. But you can't go wrong at Aunt Carrie's down at Point Judith: same delightful atmosphere, and of course, authentic seafood. Caveat: avoid the nearby establishments that are trying to capitalize on Aunt Carrie's reputation. Professor Warren H. Chelline, Brown '45

        1. re: Professor Warren H. Chelline

          The highlight of my summers with my grandparents was visiting Rocky Point and having clam chowder and clamcakes. I remember being astounded that the chowder was red and tomato-based, and not goopy and white, like in the Campbell's Soup can (I was 7).

          1. re: Professor Warren H. Chelline

            My mom and dad didn't think Aunt Carrie's was any good
            when it came to clam cakes. If they wanted clam cakes,
            we always went to Rocky Point. We ate at Aunt Carrie's
            last summer and just for the heck of it my husband
            had the clam cakes. My mother tasted one and sighed,
            "I miss Rocky Point..."

      2. Un fortunately the Shore Dinner Hall and Rocky point park are both now closed and only a part of history in RI