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Dec 17, 2001 03:36 PM

German restaurant in Springfield

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There is supposed to be a good German restaurant near the bus station in Springfield, does anyone know anything about it? It's a jaunt for me so I don't want to bother if it's not very good.

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  1. The Fort, aka the Student Prince! Decor you will not believe. It's a couple of blocks down from the bus station towards the center of town, just around the corner (I don't remember the name of the street, but I think there's a fairly large sign and usually a minor crowd as well outside). Great schnitzel.

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      The Student Prince (AKA The Fort) is a great German restaurant a few blocks down from the bus station. It is off Main Street (Fort Street) near the Federal Building.

      Specialties are the veal dishes, the fried cheese appetizer and the blueberry cobler desert. Great bar too and good service.

      1. re: Stu

        Yes, this is the place! Try their homemade sausage. There is usually at least one of their own on the menu, it varies. And don't order desert. Try a chev...the bartender will know. It is the house specialty drink, made with several liquors and premium vanilla ice cream, the ultimate frappe. To die for.

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          Peter B. Wolf

          The drink is called "Chauvinette". In the early sixties Ruppert (Rupprecht) the owner (deceased) invented this drink an won an award from the Galliano people, as it cosists of Galliano, dark Cream de Cacoa and one other liqueur (skips my mind), plus vanilla Ice Cream. Beats anything you ever had!!!, Peter

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            Yes, wonderful, but have it with the Indian pudding. It is the best ever! And right now they have fresh homemade eggnog. We had some Friday; yum!

    2. I haven't been there an a few years but The Student Prince used to have wild game month every February if you're interested in bear, boar, venison, etc. The regular menu is also very good.

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        Peter B. Wolf

        See my post reply on Mass Turnpike recommendation, further down this post.
        The Student Prince and Fort Restaurant, 8-14 Fort street, Springfield Mass . 413- 734-7475. From Peter Pan Bus Terminal, turn right (south) on Main Street, under RailRoad overpass, second street on right. Make sure you tell Rudi or Barbara I send you. Was chef there for 13 years. Print this out and take it with you. Listen to their recommendations!!!!, Drink German draught beer.

        1. I was going to ask "what state?!" as there are several states with a Springfield until I scrolled down! God I feel stupid! Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

          1. The Fort is definitely worth a visit -- decor and service is from another era, the food is good, and the roquefort dressing is a particular guilty pleasure.