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Dec 5, 2001 07:27 PM

Smoked meats in Manchester, NH

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An excellent source of homemade sausages, mainly Polish in nature, as well as smoked meats and fish can be found at a deli on the West side of Manchester, NH. The selection is large, especially around Christmas, the quality is excellent, and the prices reasonable. Their beef jerky is my favorite. If you are into Polish preserves, pickles, & other packaged goods there are tons available. I'm not personally much attracted so I haven't tried them. Bartlett St Market, 316 Bartlett St.

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  1. The place you refer to is Bartlett St. Superette. A Polish husband and wife run it. They make a trip to NYC once a week for Polish meats, peroggies, etc. Their meat peroggies are one of my favorites, but they have the traditional potato and cabbage filled too.

    It's fun to browse the shelves there! They have a myriad of weird (to my NH senses) canned goods from Eastern block countries. One item I usually get there is a German style mustard that comes in a mini beer stein (maybe 8 oz.?) for about $2. Great on the peroggies or keilbasa!

    Their polish deli is probably their best strength though. They have a large selection of meats and cheeses that certainly aren't available anywhere else
    in the area.