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Nov 9, 2001 03:58 PM

Northhampton, MA coffee

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I've heard Northhampton, MA has some very good coffee places. Can anyone tell me about them and where they are located? I'm not from the area. Thanks.

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  1. Northampton has a really sweet Main St which has many good restaurants and coffee shops. The Haymarket Cafe is a nice bookstore/cafe. La Fiorentina bakery has incredible cannoli and espresso and capuccino. (the original Fiorentina bakery is in Springfield, which is still the best). For ice cream go to Bart's or Herrell's.

    1. There's some good coffee in 'Hamp, but for the BEST cross the river to Amherst and go to Rao's.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. It turned out that we were in Northampton (I know, only one "h") at lunch time and chose the Vermont Country Deli and Cafe on Main St. What a find! The place was immaculately clean with a wonderful country store atmosphere. The food counter on your right as you walk in was chock full of appetizing pasta salads and lots more. All is behind glass and you are served promptly by very pleasant staff who also make your sandwich to order right before your eyes. My partner and I enjoyed a delicious BLT with plenty of roast turkey and several yummy pasta salads served on a paper plate and weighed and sold by the pound price - very fair - all was reasonably priced. The counter on the left houses indescibably delicious cakes (German Chocolate is fabulous) and pastries, some of which we took home with us.