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Nov 7, 2001 07:57 AM

Resturant near Mechanic's Hall 11/9

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Looking for a good, inexpensive place near Mechanic's Hall, Worcester. There are 10 of us looking for a casual-pub type atmosphere and menu. Sure hope you can help.Sorry for short dead-line. Thanks

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  1. Two restaurants come to mind. First is Maxwell's which is very pub-like in food and atmospherte, and close by. The other, which I really love, is a seafood place called the Sole Proprietor. Great food and bar!!!!

    1. Walking distance? Or short drive? For Pub-like and inexpensive, you best bets are The Boynton, right across the street from the Sole. I love the Sole but it isnt pubby and certainly is not inexpensive. If you love seafood it is THE place, however. Kettle meals from the bar do qualify as inexpensive though. Also the Northworks is nearby and one of the favorite Pub-style restaurants in the city.