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Oct 29, 2001 09:42 AM

Recommendations in Newton MA ?

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Travel to Upper Falls frequently on business, any suggestions ?

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  1. Lots of fine choices. Right in Upper Falls, on Needham St. Mandarin Cuisine is pretty good, although there are better offerings. Amamrin of Thailand is in Newton Corner. In W. Newton there is Blue Ribbon BBQ. In Newton Center there is an upscale Chinese place--Sally Ling's I think, although I haven't been in a while. Also, check the Boston board-- there's a highly touted Chinese place in the Chestnut Hill Mall. You are also not far from Brookline or from Waltham, so look at the Boston board for more choices there too.

    1. Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton is mostly for takeout, but I eat at one of the counter stools usually. This is the best BBQ I have ever had in New England.

      Lumiere, also in West Newton, compares in food quality to the grand, expensive restaurants in downtown Boston.

      1. One of my favorites out that way is Farm Grille and Rosticeria, a totally unassuming, generic-looking cinder-block building at 40 Needham Ave, in Newton. They serve wonderfully fresh grilled chicken, meats, and my favorite, swordfish kabobs in a great Greek retaurant disguised as a cafeteria...You order at a counter, where you can drool over all the wonderful side dishes, hot and cold, and their fabulous octopus and calamari salad. They have fava beans cooked in tomato sauce and taramosalata and eggplant and grape leaves and....I could go on and on. They do all kinds of sampler plates, too.But it's all so amazingly FRESH!!! Even tho you order yourself, the atmosphere is very pleasant and light, and they turn down the lights at night...They serve beer and wine, and of course, typical desserts....It's a very chowhoundish place--heavy on the good food, light on the atmosphere.

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          Farm Grille is one of my favorites. I love the chicken gyros and the pastichio. The portions are huge and I always end up stuffing myself. Save a little roon though because the desserts are great. Galleygirl is right, it isn't much on atmosphere. It is cafeteria style but extremely clean.

        2. If you go to the Farm Grille don't miss the STRING BEANS!!!!