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Oct 3, 2001 08:49 PM

Congrats to Fore St & Arrows!!

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Have you read Gourmet? Fore Street & Arrows voting in the "Top 50 Restaurants!" Love both.
Had the most expensive dinner at Arrows but had a great time. Of course we were drinking ridiculously expensive wine! One of those rare times that money was NO object!

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  1. w
    Win (Boston)

    Even when money IS an object, Fore Street is awesome.

    Simple is brilliant, when the basics are perfect.

    Add a white Burgundy and wait for fireworks.

    Thanks, Fore Street, and congratulations from your not so secret admirer.

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    1. re: Win (Boston)

      just wondering what's changed your mind since a June comment? I am hoping to head up for a getaway with a stop at an old favorite-Provence in Ogunquit, then a try at your recommended Cheries and lastly a look at Fore Street. I'd love to get a glimpse at their menu and what turned you around.

      1. re: gyppielou
        Win (Boston)

        Regarding Fore Street, you asked, "just wondering what's changed your mind since a June comment?"

        On June 29 I wrote, "Fore Street was poor (terrible!) on one visit and very good on two others."

        What changed my mind was a succession of really good experiences which followed a single bad experience on my first visit.

        I've been back at least ten times since and they have been more impressive each time.

        Now, as to your intent to visit Provence in Ogunquit and Cheries in Kennebunk (as well as Fore Street in Portland): You will not go wrong with this plan. I'll be on that track myself this weekend.

        I only wish there were more days on the weekend to include Commissary. Maybe lunch... maybe Fore Street can't squeese me in... maybe... ?!?...

        Enjoy! And let us know.