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Oct 3, 2001 01:51 PM

Suggestions along I-89 in New Hampshire?

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Any good recommendations for places off I-89 in New Hampshire? Am headed up to Vermont and could use a good place to stop. Thanks.

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  1. Found a great little breakfast and lunch spot in Warner, a pretty little town at exit 8 or 9. I don't remember the name but it has a nice front porch and is in the center of this charming village. Not haute cuisine but a nice country place. Perfect for the setting.

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    1. re: chuck s

      It's "The Foothills" and has a great reputation in the greater Concord area. Take exit 8 into town and it's on the right. You won't be disappointed!

    2. w
      Win (Boston)

      Simon Pierce is 4 miles off I-89 from the first exit in VT. It is worth a long detour.

      Please do a search on this site for more info... you'll be glad you did.

      1. LaMeridiana Restaurant, Wilmot Flat NH, exit 11 open for lunch and dinner, call ahead 603 526-2033 GREAT

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        1. re: D

          A colleague of mine in New London, NH claims that
          La Meridiana is closed, and I haven't be able to
          get them on the phone.

          Thus, it appears this restaurant is no more.

          1. re: kaszeta

            La Meridiana is definitely not closed!
            Pierro is cooking great meals as always, and they are open for lunch and dinner.

          2. re: D

            Also, go into New London and you'll find "Peter Christians," a truly excellent spot for soup, sandwiches, healthy meals and desserts. A longtime favorite of mine!

            1. re: ruffian

              Ack! I disagree about Peter Christians. Everything I've had there is "heavy" with no fresh tastes.

              The New London Inn, on the other hand, has been renovated and re-opened under new owners since Fall 2005. Lots of imaginative combinations and clean flavors with perfectly steamed and grilled vegetables.

              1. re: ruffian

                I also jumped in here to recommend Peter Christian's. Very good sandwiches, soups, and quiche. Cozy atmosphere.

            2. Anything new open up along Rte 89? Always looking for new places on my trips to VT...

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              1. re: wedeln

                Gosh what a chow wasteland! We make the drive a few times a year and have never found fact, it's tough to even find decent services without traveling a couple of miles off the highway. I guess the first half-decent thing is the Farmer's Diner in Quechee on Rt. 4. There's also a good coffee place/bakery about 1/2 way between I-89 and the Framer's Diner on the right (can't remember the name, but very good). But between there and Concord you're on your own pretty much.

                1. re: Science Chick

                  Wow! This thread is 7 years old! :-D

                  I used to ski all the time in that area (and still drive to Stowe every now and then), and could never really find much along that stretch of Route 89. The Farmer's Diner is a good option, since it is only a few minutes over the border.

                  1. re: hiddenboston

                    Nothing wrong with bring the dead back to life...

                    1. re: hiddenboston

                      Yea, you just have to survive the 1 hour from Concord to the border. Do-able. We usually pack goodies from home, just in case!

                    2. re: Science Chick

                      This is so funny to read - we make that jaunt.... up 93 to 89 to exit 13 down 7 to Shelburne several times a year and have yet to stop to eat. We simply cannot wait to get there.... no time to eat. Fast up - slow back to Massachusetts.

                  2. over on the Roadfood board, there are several places listed in NH that sound pretty good (never tried them). I thin Lebanon NH is the best bet for easy on/off

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                    1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                      Why am I not finding the Roadfood board?? Yes, Lebanon is an easy on/off. But after you've had a large iced coffee and you are smack-dab in the middle, between there and Concord, it's a helluva long wait to get to Lebanon believe-you-me!

                        1. re: hiddenboston

                          Farmer's Diner is awful. Dana's right down the road is fantastic. Architecturally not a classic diner, but their food is all homemade, comfort food that is great. Maplewood(?) bakery is a nice coffee shop/bakery/sandwich shop further down the road towards Quechee. In Lebanon there is the Fort, a truckstop right off 89 at exit 18.