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Sep 23, 2001 05:53 PM

Berkshires recommendations???

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A Manhattan chowhound is seeking the help of New England chowhounds for recommendations in the Berkshires. We're staying in Stockbridge for 3 nights, but we'll be traveling throughout the area, so recommendations in Lenox and other towns would be great.

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    When will you be there? Perhaps you've already been?
    Where are you staying?
    My family has a 2nd home in Stockbridge.

    In any case--not much in Stockbridge the food at the Red Lion Inn has never been too good.

    Lenox is great for chow: Bev's homemade ice cream (forgot the street that runs between Main and Church) Great black raspberry ice cream and espresso cookie crunch.
    Lots of good places on Church like Bistro Zinc (nouvelle french), and the italian place--forgot the name but the logo has a fork with strands of spaghetti coming off. Roseborough Grill is ok... but a little too slow...

    Then Great Barrington (just about 15 south of Stockbridge) has lots of good stuff too: Union Grill on Main St. (eclectic and a little upscale), 20 Railroad St.--good for beer and brugers but lots of specials and good desserts, too (had a perfect brownie sundae there). There are lots of places on Railroad St. now but they're all trying a little too hard like Pearl which has a martini menu, etc. and looks overpriced. I have been told there is awesome sushi in Great Barrington but have never been. I have also heard from another chowhound that The Deli on Main St. in Gt. Bar. is great for sandwiches and breakfasts but haven't tried.

    For a terrific dinner splurge at John Andrews in Montery--about 1/2 hour from Stockbridge--they're my all-time fave in the Berks.

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      Thanks for responding! I'm glad I checked back.

      We leave on Saturday morning for 3 nights at the Inn at Stockbridge. I've made one reservation so far--at the Old Inn on the Green & Gedney Farm. Do you know anything about it?

      Do I need reservations at the places you mentioned (obviously not the ice cream place...)?

    2. John Andrews is a wonderful restaurant, but it is located in Egremont, not Monterey. It is due west of Great Barrington, about 15 minutes on Route 23, right before the NY border. The food there is american with a japanese influence. It is not cheap, and reservations are a must.