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Sep 6, 2001 01:26 PM

Vegetarian restaurants near Hanover, NH

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Can any of you recommend a vegetarian restaurant, or at least a restaurant with vegetarian choices, within a half hour of Hanover, NH?


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    Richard Kaszeta

    I'm not a vegetarian, but most of my friends and my SO are, so I'm aware of the vegetarian options around here. There are quite a few vegetarian options
    I can think of around Hanover.

    (I'm assuming milk and cheese are okay. Let me know if you need vegan recommendations)

    1. Jewel of India right in Hanover has a very broad
    menu of vegetarian Indian entrees, and is very good.
    2. India Queen has a smaller selection, but is also
    a decent Indian place. Also right in Hanover.
    3. Molly's Balloon in Hanover has a wide variety of vegetarian salads, pasta, pizza, and such. Their
    sister restaurant Liu Liu in West Lebanon also has
    a lot of vegetarian Italian dishes.
    4. Mai Thai in Hanover has a few decent vegetarian dishes, although I find them a bit bland for Thai food.
    5. Karibu Tule in White River Junction has a very interesting African menu which is almost entirely vegetarian. Worth trying if you're looking for something "different."

    Also, a good number of the local pubs have vegetaria

    1. Mai Thai in Hanover is marvelous.
      LaMeridiana in Wilmot Flat (526-2033) is wonderful
      Peter Christian's Tavern in New London