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Aug 17, 2001 11:09 PM

Maine Barbecue!!

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A dozen or so miles outside of Greenville (where the big lake is, i.e. Moosehead)there's the town of Monson. In that town is a place called Spring Creek Cookhouse and Bar-B-Q Emporium. My sister brought home two quarts of their product tonight, beef brisket, and chopped pork. It may just be that it's been so long since I had barbecue, but I don't think that's it. This was GOOD 'cue! I liked the brisket the best, deeply smokey, tender, with a good bite to the sauce and a hint of vinegar. Definitely not sweet. The brisket was sort of shredded or pulled, the pork was chopped. They call it "authentic Texas-style Bar-B-Q". A quart of the sauced meat (and it was mostly meat) was $8 and would easily make 5-6 hefty sandwiches. It's smoked on the premises. They sell ribs (pork and beef) on Friday and Saturday after 4:00 and chicken too. Definitely worth a stop if you happen to be up this way. Pat

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