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Apr 22, 2006 03:08 PM

Tacoma - Anthony's at Pt. Defiance or Harbor Lights

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Hi! I will be staying overnight in Tacoma soon and my hotel is almost right next door to Anthony's Harbor Lights restaurant. I noticed that about 3 miles away is Anthony's at Pt. Defiance. First, how would you rate these two restaurants, and second, given a choice, which one would you go to?

Other recommendations are also appreciated. Just looking for a casual place after a day of travel. Our hotel is on North Ruston Way in Tacoma.


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  1. Helen, Harbor Lights is a local institution. Neither location makes my short list for dining in Tacoma. For true Chow-worthy food, my number one recommendation is Indochine (Pan-Asian) downtown across from the museums. (5 minutes by car from your hotel.) 2nd choice would be Il Fiasco (Italian) on Sixth Avenue. Third would be Asado (Argentine) on Sixth Avenue.
    All three require reservations if you want to get in.
    For lunch don't miss the Spar just above your hotel in Old Town. (An institution worth visiting.) Don't tell your doctor you ordered the homemade Spar-chips. If you do Il Fiasco or Asado, go to Chop Stix afterwords for drinks and some wild piano music offerings.

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      Thanks for the recommendations Leper (love your name by the way!). The reason I picked those two restaurants was really cause I am trying to find a laid back casual place close to the hotel cause we will have been flying most of the day. The ones you recommended seem great (I did some Googling), especially the Argentinian one, but I think I'll go with the Port Defiance Anthony's location.

      And Jane, I found Harbor Lights on the Anthony's website. It seems they acquired it in 2000. The reason I am thinking the Pt. Defiance location will be better is simply because of the view, the more casual atmosphere, and the menu seems perfect for what we're after (casual and Halibut!).

      If anyone else can tell me more about these two restaurants, it would be most appreciated. Can't wait for our mini vacation to Washington State! Thanks again!

      1. re: Helen

        If you're staying anywhere near downtown, Harbor Lights is your more convenient option. Harbor Lights has been operating under that name for many years, and is a straight-ahead seafood restaurant. Not particularly inventive, but reliable--you'll get a good piece of fish, well prepared.
        Anthony's is completely comparable, but like the poster above said, is a northwest chain.

        Both restaurants offer waterfront seating and views, so it's a toss-up there. Even if you don't eat at Anthony's, do make a point of going to Pt. Defiance and taking the Five-Mile Drive. Very scenic.


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          sus, thank you so much! I had not heard of five mile drive but I just googled it and it sounds great. We'll definitely do it!! Thanks again.

    2. I have been to both Anthony's and Harbor Lights, but I am quite sure that Harbor Lights is not part of the Anthony's chain. I believe Harbor Lights is a local establishment. While both have good, but not spectacular food, the views are wonderful. You can find many Anthony's around the northwest, so I would go to Harbor Lights for the local feel. They are a tad ways apart, however.

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      1. Harbor Lights is where I take my grandparents when they visit. I'd take my friends to Anthony's at Point Defiance (it might not be the first place I'd take them but it's dependable and I've always had a good time there). BTW, I took my parents to the Lobster Shop and they loved it.