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Jul 24, 2001 12:34 PM

Poon in Greenwich

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Has anyone eaten at the fusiony restaurant Poon in Greenwich, CT? I've read good things but haven't heard any Chowhound mention.


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  1. I was there in March. It is about as trendy a place as you get in Fairfield County, but I found the food only fair given the prices. We had a dumpling dish that was OK, a sea bass dish that was good and a duck dish that was really terrible. Portion sizes are on the small size. In fairness to the restaurant, I was with someone who doesn't like spicy food so our menu choices were very restricted. Also, I don't believe they take reservations, so you will have a long wait unles you go early.

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      wendy jackson

      I thought I had read somewhere that they had decided to change the name to Wild Ginger or something similar (although I find it somewhat amusing that a place called Poon would be Greenwich's latest hot spot - "Why, yes, Buffy & Skippy, we just love Poon!"). Haven't they changed the menu emphasis recently as well?

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        Is this the same as Joseph Poon in Philly ?