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Jul 6, 2001 02:39 PM

blueberry pie in maine

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any good bets on blueberry pie in maine, esp southern maine...y'a know that great leftback roadside place (diner or whatever) to stop in for the best slice of of you must know of such a place...

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  1. Quietside Cafe in SW Harbor on Mt. Desert. But don't tell them I told you -- they're already swamped w/ pie requests...

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    1. re: MU

      You can't find better than the four berry pie @ Moody's diner in Waloboro Maine...on Rte 1.

      1. re: Susan

        Just to help anyone looking for this place, the town is Waldoboro.

    2. Timing is everything. If you demand a pie of fresh blueberries, shoot for August.

      Down East Maine (especially Washington County), the costal area between Bar Harbor and Canada, claims to the blueberry capital of Maine. There's a blueberry festival, mid August, in Machias.

      But to answer your question, I'd recommend the blueberry pie at the Crossroads Restaurant, Coastal Route 1, Pembroke, ME

      Holly Moore


      1. The Brown Bag in Rockland makes a great one, but if you want to buy a whole pie to devour or to take home, look for Amy's Pies in the Cushing area. Many of the small local stores carry her things and all are delicious

        1. Since southern Maine is what you asked for, try Kristina's Bakery right off Route 1 in Bath. Her place practically sits on the overpass. I've not eaten in the restaurant but always stop by before a run to friends in Boothbay. I've bought everything from bread to pastries to pies and not been disappointed in any of them. It's not cheap, but the quality is there.

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            treats in wiscasset makes an awesome blueberry crisp (pie)

          2. Raspberries are in season now. If you're driving around, keep an eye out for them. You might see a sign on the side of the road for berries or pies.

            I'm picking a half a gallon a day in my backyard.

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            1. re: ironmom

              Is that true all over the state? Strawberry season just ended up here! I was out in a very overgrown part of our property today where there is what's left of the foundation of an old farmhouse. Something red caught my eye, and damned if it wasn't a ripe raspberry, just one. I ate it. pat

              1. re: Pat Hammond

                South of Portland I've been picking for about a week, and it hasn't yet peaked. Saturday was pecan waffles with raspberries and whipped cream. I made raspberry sorbet Sunday. Just made a raspberry pie, and starting to freeze the excess.

                Next: raspberry liqueur, ice cream...

                1. re: ironmom

                  Sounds like heaven! Raspberries are my weakness, in any form. I did freeze lots of strawberries. My sister, who's lived her for about ten years, says she's never seen raspberries for sale by the road the way they sold the strawberries. I'm gonna ask around! pat

                  1. re: Pat Hammond

                    I've seen them for sale around here. If no one grows them where you are, they ought to be.