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Jul 2, 2001 12:20 PM

Seal Cove Farm fromage!

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Because I am uncomfortable just taking, taking, taking from all you New Englanders I will offer a tip of my own: Seal Cove Farm goat cheese.

I will admit I did not have to ferret very hard to find this cheese (I think I read about it in Gourmet) but sweet mother of god it is good. It's a totally different animal than most other cheeses (beat Coach Farm cheese in a blind taste in my house that was not terribly scientific but was good enough for me: my boyfriend, a man of impeccable taste (clearly!), and I both selected it.)
It is mellow with a very creamy bite at the end -- it is almost like a cheesecake in consistency. You mostly taste it -- I'm not sure how to explain this -- on the roof of your mouth towards the back. Wonderful on its own -- too mellow for cooking. Slap it on a Carr's table water cracker and prepare for nirvana.


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  1. Where do they make that?

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    1. re: ironmom

      I think it's actually from Lamoine. You can get it at Shop'N'Save.

      1. re: MU

        From my understanding (and experience) it is made in Seal Cove on Mt Desert Isle -- I think a woman named Barbara. She owns (or did 4 years ago) an Inn, a pretty yellow place that was closed when I got there. :( but the baby goats were there in the pen and they all leapt up to kiss my face... those velvet muzzles!

        They may have moved ops, but this information is current as of 1996. I will do a web search and see what else I find. -- pam

        1. re: pam

          Wow, that sounds like a nice place. I think there's still a B & B there, and they may even have goats, but the label on the cheese (I have some in my fridge, with tarragon on the outside) says Lamoine.

          1. re: MU

            I had heard that the Squire Tarbox Inn was for sale. Does anyone know if they are still making goat cheese?

            1. re: wb

              Not sure if they (Squire Tarbox)still make it, buy I thought the cheese a bit too bland when i tasted it. But that was at least 3-4 years ago.

            2. re: MU

              It's in Lamoine, based on the address on the label. My sister lives near there and has seen the goats. There isn't a sign on the road. I got the cheese at a store on Bar Harbor and boy is it yummy!