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Jun 19, 2001 03:44 PM

Rhode Island

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I'm planning a trip to Newport over the July 6th weekend and am interested in a good breakfast place off I-95 on the way to Rhode Island from New Jersey.
I'm also intersted in finding out about some good restaurants in Providence for Saturday night. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. My favorite Providence restaurant is New Rivers on Steeple Street near the river. If they have it get the warm lemon tart for dessert.

    1. In Providence, I recommend Down City Diner. My husband and I had a truly memorable meal there!

      1. For Providence I would strongly agree with new rivers and add broadway bistro, a great new restaurant and if you're feeling funky try Julians, always great. For an amazing weekend brunch or just week day lunch head to olga's. Down city diner was once good but no longer, now you get enormous portions of mediocre food with a blaring tv...sooo many fabulous restaurants in Providence, this isn't one.

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   about a necrobump.

            Ok, since it's bumped anyway...Middle Of Nowhere Diner (right off 95 in Exeter) had some decent breakfast when I last visited a couple years ago, but Oatley's (also in Exeter but not quite right off 95, it's ten minutes up 102 from 95) has some really great homestyle breakfast.

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                  We have some pretty good resto's that have recently opened despite the economy (which may or not be exagerated). Junction Tratorria in the Wal-Mart plaza recently remodeled and is fairly upscale food at pizzeria prices. Trio opened in narragansett and Siena opened in EG. By the way, I live less than a mile from Oatleys, awesome breakfast sandwiches. Approaching the corner of route 2 and Frenchtown is Natale's and a new seafood market/diner, both are quite good...

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                    I meant the state in general.

                    I just moved out of RI after living in PVD for 10 years. I'm pretty familiar with it.

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                      One thing about RI, the state's economy has pretty much sucked for decades, so much of the best chow is definitely in the affordable category. Guy Fieri should be spending more time in RI. Not many drive-ins, but plenty of diners and dives.