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Jun 12, 2001 11:29 PM

famous hamburger joint in CT?

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Can anyone help?? My husband remembers going to a wonderful hamburger place in CT as a kid and it was written up in a SAVEUR article about a year ago. He thinks it may have been in Colchester or Manchester, CT. Thanks!

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    Susan Thomsen

    Is is Shady Glen, in Manchester? The Sterns wrote it up in Gourmet (I believe) a while back, highly touting their cheeseburgers.


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      Sheryl Rutledge

      the place in colchester is harry's hamburger stand and it was written up a couople years ago. it's right outside the center of colchester.

      1. re: Sheryl Rutledge

        Wow - thanks for bringing back the memories of driving home from Ocean Beach in the late 50's and stopping at Harry's for dinner. Then another road was built which bypassed town, and I thought that eventually Harry's would wither and disappear. Nice to see that it hasn't (I've lived in California for 30 years, so it is hard to keep up with stuff like this).

    2. Both places exist, and both places are locally famous. If this was an outdoor shack type place, painted white, in the center of a small town, it was Harry's Place, in the center of Colchester. If it was a 50's-style ice cream parlor that served cheeseburgers with "wings" (browned, fried cheese that overlapped the burger and got crisp on the grill), then it was Shady Glen, on Route 6 east of Manchester center. Good luck.

      1. Not Louis Lunch in New Haven, which claims to have "invented" the hamburger?

        1. Or could it be Ted's in Meriden? Home of the steamed cheeseburger.

          1. This is just my opioion, but Harry's isnt as good as it once was. The onion rings are frozen and the fries are the same. The hamburg is cooked down so much it will only fit on a dinner roll. Not my idea of a great hamburg. But to each is own thats what makes the world go round.