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May 18, 2001 03:05 PM

Randolph, Vermont

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My sister was in this small town about 20 minutes from Montpelier on business. She called me from the B & B where she was staying (Three Stallions Inn) to tell me about her dinner. I said, "Bring home a menu"! The meal she described was Sushimi(sic!) Grade Fresh Tuna Steak,sesame crusted with a wasabi aioli, served over ginger-soy stir fried vegetables and noodles! All entrees served with green salad and appropriate accompaniments. $18 bucks. We both love tuna and she declared this large, thick steak to be perfectly cooked. Indeed, the whole meal was very fine indeed. The wine list looks very nice with bottles from Ca., Australia, Italy, Portugal, France and New Zealand priced from $17-30/bottle.

It's an ambitious menu, a little quirky, but the next time she goes, I'm going along. So if you find yourself near Randolph, Vt. give it a shot. There's a Tavern too, for less formal fare. pat

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