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Apr 12, 2001 01:03 PM

Raw Bar in CT

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I am looking for quality raw bars anywhere in CT. The only one I have been to is Maxwells in Orange, which was good. Any suggestions?

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  1. Elm Street Oyster House in Greenwich is supposed to have a pretty good one

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      Elm Street is very good. There's also the Black Rock Oyster Bar on Black Rock Tpke. (exit 24 off I-95, I think) is also good and there's a place on Route 1 in Norwalk called (I'm pretty sure) The Lighthouse. In South Norwalk the Sono Seaport Seafood serves all the raw bar classics, though it's not really a raw bar setting -- during the summer, however, you can sit outside on a deck looking over the river.

      1. re: Elizabeth
        wendy jackson

        Black Rock Oyster Bar is okay, as long as you stick to just raw bar items. We had some pretty funky (read: old and frozen) cooked fish and shellfish items when we were there. Also, the raw bar is off to the side of the bar/restaurant area, but you can see the daily selections as you enter. Luckily, Super Duper Weenie is right next door!

        The Lighthouse is a definite no-go IMHO.

        There is also Ocean Drive in South Norwalk, which is quite the scene, especially in the summer, when they open the whole front of the restaurant onto the street. They do a big business, so turnover is good and the raw bar items are fresh.

    2. Again, it's not a down and dirty raw bar setting - but Max Oyster Bar in West Hartford has the best selection of oysters I've seen in the state. They have six that change every day. Everything is shucked to order.

      Elm Street in Greenwich isn't bad, either.

      1. Try Ocean Drive on Washington Street in South Norwalk, great selection of oysters, and they have had these incredible extra large chilled shrimps. Overall, a tad bit overpriced, but always worth it.

        1. chowder pot in branford, you dont get to many choices on oysters but everything they serve is fresh and very good.

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