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Mar 25, 2001 03:04 PM


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Can anyone tell me where I can get Oak Smoked Kippers from, I am in great need.


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    Peter B. Wolf

    Don't know about Kippers, but "Brown Trading" on Commerce Street in Portland has the finest smoked Finnan Haddie, made of as it is suppost to, haddock. Last time I bought it was about $ 16.00 a pound, good luck, Peter.

    1. What about Duck Trap Farm? I'm sure they have a web site.

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      1. re: M-L.

        I've looked for their website in the past. Can't seem to turn one up, though it would be astonishing if they didn't have one. I bet they would have kippered herring. It's a great part of mid-coast Maine to visit too. pat

        p.s. Please post if you do find a website. Thnx.

          1. re: Win (Boston)

            Win: Thanks. Ducktrap River FISH Farm. I got a kick out of Connosseur Mag.'s comment that Ducktrap is in the "backwoods of Maine"! *I'm* in the backwoods of Maine. Ducktrap is on the beautiful Penobscot Bay. I'm glad to be able to access their site.

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              Pat, I agree-"backwoods", my foot!
              We've got friends in Belfast-have visited several times over the last 15 years and seen it grow from a factory/working town to much more gentrified, tourist draw place. Used to be one of the centers for processing "stuffed potato" skins that restaurants use. (And here I thought the restaurants themselves made them!)So next time you see somebody chow down on one at Bennigan's it probably came from Belfast!
              BTW had one of the best seafood and lobster bisques there in our lives--can't recall the name of the restaurant but was on a hill overlooking the town and the water--so good it almost made ya cry!

              1. re: berkleybabe

                Did you know it's now called "Belfast by the Sea"?! We used to rent a place when my kids were small (now 32 & 35) in Northport, just outside Belfast city limits. The big business in town then was the Poultry Plant. Ick! We'd find washed up chicken parts on our beach. Now it's MBNA that's running the show in Belfast. Young's Lobster Pound was and still is a great place for lobster. I can't imagine the restaurant you describe, just can't picture it. I always cooked in because it was so much cheaper and so much better! The one exception was a place in Rockport called The Sail Loft, wonderful, and the first place I'd ever had mussels. Let me know if you ever get up here again. I'd drive over to say hello. pat

                1. re: Pat hammond

                  "Belfast by the Sea", now *that's* gentrification! We had several vacations on Mt. Desert Island -West Tremont--stayed in a place with only three cottages right on the water--one of my favorite places I've ever been. Had family vacations at Booth Bay in H.S., then in my 20's did Outward Bound out of Rockland. On Mt. Desert we had dinner at Thurston's Lobster Pound, baked bean supper at church in Soame's Sound,--went out on a lobster boat, saw the seals, eagles--wonderful! Then we'd drive over to Belfast to meet friends (He's a DR. she's a nurse at the hospital there). When/if we get there--I'll definitely let you know and we can CHOW! P