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Feb 21, 2001 08:43 AM

The Green Spot

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Went for a massage yesterday and got to talking about, what else, food. I learned about a place in Oakland (near Waterville, Maine) called The Green Spot, open only in the spring to October. It sounds wonderful. The couple who own it spend the winters in France and the food reflects that. Fine wine list too, I was told. Does anyone have first-hand experience with this place? Sounds almost too good to be true. An interesting aside is that I also discovered my masseur heads off for six months at the French Cullinary Institute in SOHO next month! pat

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  1. Your masseuse sounds like an ideal spouse--irrespective of gender! Irresistible combo-great hands, great cook --sigh.

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      Peter B. Wolf

      Masseur/Masseuse, what matters is that he/she will apply learned knowledge to perfect "kneading" to make better "dough". (don't mind me ,Peter)

      1. I'm surprised this is the only topic on this place here. I hear the green spot is amazing. And I just found the recipe for a Lobster there. Easy and delicious! I know it's been asked already, but has anyone been there?

        1. I've been a Green Spot customer for 18 years. It's a humble, little yellow building full of all sorts of foodie treats.

          The sister owners really know their wine and food (my husband will ONLY go there for our wine when they are open). Their wine/food recommendations have been spot on. Beyond their well-chosen wine selections, they stock exquisite cheeses (I got a gorgonzola terrine that was sinful), small-brew beers and sodas, homemade ice cream (try the curry flavor), homemade baked goods (pies, blueberry loaves, French bread), fresh produce, lobsters, fish, gourmet condiments, and locally grown fruits and veggies when in seasons. IMO, they shine in the prepared food department. They create delicious salads always with interesting ingredients and a Provencal twist (I know they prepare more that just salads, but my mind is drawing a blank). They also make all sorts of savory dips, pestos, roasted veggies, and sauces. AND, they always have a big basket of dog treats for your friend waiting patiently in the car. That's just an overview as they carry other items like dairy items (clotted cream!), homemade pastas, etc.

          The owners are super friendly and very helpful. One caution, they don't mark prices on anything (except wine). Their prices are a little high...but most patrons are willing to pay extra for the knowledgeable, courteous service and fine selections.