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Feb 18, 2001 09:08 AM

New African Restaurant in Portland, ME

  • j

I just heard that a new African restaurant opened this week in Portland (where Milliner's used to be on Milk Street). Has anybody tried it yet?

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  1. Jennifer, This is exciting news! Do you know the name of this restaurant? Did you see it while driving by? Did you spot a menu? pat

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    1. re: pat hammond

      I haven't seen the menu, but I plan on trying it next weekend. I have a friend who helps the refugee community open new restaurants in the state, including the Caribbean place on Congress Street, which I still haven't tried, though I've heard mixed reviews.

      Very excited about this site, as I am a bit restaurant obsessed. Always looking for a meal that will tantalize my tastebuds. Definitely have my favorites in Portland, including anything at Local 188, chicken tacos at Norm's, and Ribolitta.

      1. re: jennifer

        "Very excited about this site, as I am a bit restaurant obsessed." In that case, you'll find yourself in very good company around here! Can't wait for your report about the African place. Any other good nooks and crannies that you've discovered in and around Portland would be very welcome too. pat
        P.S. I'm in western Maine.

        1. re: pat hammond

          I slogged from one end of Milk Street to the other at lunch today looking for the new African Place. I couldn't find it. I've been eating lunch in the Old Port almost daily for 15 years now, yet the reference to "Milliner's" escapes me.

          I did, however, manage to drag my sorry tastebuds up the hill to Uncle Billy's for dinner...

          1. re: Keefer Lucas

            It's not there. The place is on Oak St., between Congress & Free St., just up the block from Marcy's.

            1. re: MU

              I apologize for the wrong street name...I was thinking Oak and typed Milk.

              We did go Saturday and it was a treat. Every table was filled and the food was good and very reasonably priced. (Entrees either $5.95 or $6.95) We had the Unity Platter which serves four and features all the menu items...sawarama (spiced chicken and lentils) Sukuru-wiki (bean stew)and others. Loved the bread!

              No beer or wine license but I think you can bring in a bottle...

              1. re: Jennifer

                Ezo African Restaurant: 772-1796. Open 11:00-2:00 and 5:00-8:00 daily. Specials on the board. According to the takeout menu, they are Sudanese, and will be opening a small market as well. Stews are served on a flatbread plate. I'll bring my daughter to check it out soon.

                Surprise! I got home from Florida and found Seng Thai Cuisine is no more. I hope they had insurance. (Gas explosion: 1 killed, entire building boarded up) Too bad, the tom kar gai was transcendent last time we ate there.

                Also, I happened on Bangkok Thai Restaurant at 671 Congress Street. A ** Pad Thai really was two stars. They have a big menu, with a few non-thai dishes as well. I'll be bringing my Thai lunch club there soon.

                1. re: ironmom
                  Susan from Bath

                  Jennifer - tell me more about the Thai lunch club. Sounds like fun. Thanks - Susan

                  1. re: Susan from Bath

                    Some women I used to work with in another department and I go out for Thai lunch about once a month. (We're overdue, but I'm gettin caught up at work, so it's time.)

                    We've gone to Sala Thai, which is conveniently located, and has good lunch specials (for those who are into that) even though the food is a bit bland and you have to fight hard to get them to spice it up.

                    We went to Seng Thai Cuisine just before the gas explosion, and we are still mourning the coconut soup that unexpectedly had orange chili oil floating on it.

                    We've taken out from Vientiane, and are talking about trying Huong's for a change.

                    By the way, I'm not a Jennifer, I AM IRONMOM!

                    1. re: ironmom

                      Huong, although Vietnamese and not Thai, is great, great, great, but it's really small -- I think it has four or five tables altogether. I wouldn't recommend going there for lunch if your group is larger than four (and even that's a stretch).

                      1. re: MU

                        I'm the only one in the group who's been there before, and we usually only scrape together four of us. I don't live in Portland, so I never get to eat there, and my co-conspirators live even further out in the hinterlands...

                        1. re: ironmom

                          Oh -- another thing: Seng Thai's less-fancy takeout location is still running on Forest Ave. just past the St. John Hotel. Ambience there is similar to Huong.

                          1. re: MU

                            Sorry, that's Congress St, across from the bus station.