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Feb 18, 2001 09:03 AM

New Haven

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We are in New Haven for the night,and looking for recommendations for a great meal at a good price. Any suggestions?

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  1. Check out the extensive "Ye Olde New Haven Warhorses" thread on this board.

    1. I don't know what your "great" price is -- Zinc (on Chapel St. right next to the green) is an excellent restaurant, for what would be a GREAT price in New York, but it's one of the more expensive in New Haven. Others I recommend are Pika Tapas (High St, across from the Center for British Art) Miya's (Howe St -- great Sushi), Roomba (on Chapel Street tucked into an alley -- fun Cuban, a little expensive), Pizza and beer at BAR (it's classy, not just a collegiate dive). For the ultimate cheapie, eat at the Yankee Doodle on Broadway for Breakfast or lunch, their cheeseburgers at $1.75 are an artery-clogging treat that can't be beat.