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Delicious Chinese Restaurant in CT?

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I have lived here my whole life both south and north and have yet to find a chinese restaurant I would return to!

any suggestions? I would love to check some new ones out-distance is not a factor (unless it is right on the mass or NY borders)

Thanks thanks thanks!

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  1. yep, you're right! the state's nearly void!

    A few meager tips (hope other's chime in!). I've not been to any personally:

    Hunan Cafe 95 x5 1233 E Putnam Ave Old Greenwich; 637-4341 7 is supposed to be a class act (known for: dimsum special order: baby clams/bl.bean sauce, salt/pepper squid, HongKong pork chop)

    I'm rather dubious, but I've seen good reviews of Zhang's Restaurant 455 Boston Post Rd., Old Saybrook: (860)388-3999 Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

    not chinese, but vietnamese is close: Thang Long Vietnamese Restaurant 56 Padanaram Rd., Danbury; 743-6049. supposed to be real good.

    That's it for now...I'll keep thinking/looking.

    PS--your posting's a good fit here on new england, since not all of CT is in the NYC tristate area...we ask posters to not multiple post, so I hope you don't mind that we've deleted the one on Tristate

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I lived in Old Greenwich for 25 years and I can only say that Hunan Cafe is good within the confines of Greenwich but not worth a drive from anywhere. I never did try their dim sum though.

      The most consistent although Chinese food I've had in Fairfield County is Chan's Choice on Route 7(I think) They've got the best dumplings outside of the five boroughs. While I haven't been in the last year we used to go every week and they were consistently good. All of the ingredients used there were a cut above other places in the area(especially good are the seafood preparations such as the clams in a clay hotpot).

      Also Penang Grill on Lewis St. in Greenwich was excellent when I went last March. They had very limited seating space at the time but they were expanding it. Service was decent, but the food was very good Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine.


      1. re: Iron Frank
        Susan Thomsen

        Seekers of fine CT Chinese food might also try Ching's Table, in New Canaan. (64 Main Street, 972-2830) Consistently good, attractively presented.

        2 friends who grew up in Taiwan and Hong Kong, respectively, have recommended the dim sum at the Old Greenwich place y'all mentioned. I hope to check it out soon.


        1. re: Susan Thomsen

          FYI: Ching's Table and Penang Grill are owned by the same guy. That's why they're menus are almost identical...and tremendous. If you want great Pan Asian food, try either place.

        2. re: Iron Frank

          Chan's Choice is excellent if you like canned vegetables and painfully slow service. If you like wontons that are so gummy, they're inedible, Chan's is the perfect choice.

          1. re: mmmm

            As an avid sarcasm lover, I find your post to be quite delicious. It sadly reminds me why I don't go out to eat with my parents more often as the CT restaurant scene is quite stagnant. Sorry to hear one of my old standbys is now all washed up. Or is it? Did you ever like Chan's?

      2. Taipan in Westport is the best I've been to in Connecticut. It's non entirely what you would expect in the typical American Chinese restaurant. It does have a few of the classics but tends more towards interesting and undiscovered combinations. It's also a little pricier than the average Chinese.

        Best of all, they have Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and Celebration in season along with a solid wine list.

        Chan's Choice, metnioned in another response, can also be quite good - especially if you stick with the seafood specials.

        Finally, Cheng Du in West Hartford and a place called Dim Sum - also in West Hartford (with authentic specialities like duck feet and tripe for the adventurous chowhound) in West Hartford can be good.

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        1. re: Simon

          Taipan and the Little Kitchen (the sister restaurant across the street) use soooooo much MSG even when you ask them not too-

          1. re: Simon
            Richard Litvin

            Royale Palace in New Haven on Orange street is especially good if you order from their Real Menu, the stuff that is generally only available if you read Chinese has been translated on a special menu. Better than Taipan in my view.

          2. first, some addresses of places mentioned in this thread:

            Chan's Choice 345 Main Ave, Norwalk: (203) 846-3533

            Penang Grill 55 Lewis St, Greenwich (203) 861-1988

            Taipan 376 Post Road East, Westport (203) 227-7400
            Cheng Du 923 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, 232-6455

            Dim Sum 156 Shield St, West Hartford, CT. 860-953-8975

            also, FWIW, the hartford advocate recommends Cheng Du (above),

            Great Taste 597 West Main St., New Britain, 827-8988, and

            Butterfly Restaurant 831 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, 236-2816

            Please give back to your fellow hounds by reporting if you check out any of these places, folks!

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            1. re: Jim Leff

              I ate at Great Taste a few years ago and thought is was great!

              1. re: Jim Leff

                Dim Sum on Shield street is long closed. It is a Thai restaurant, pretty good, but I can't remember the name.

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  Butterfly is ok if you eat there. If you order take-out, the quality falls to 3rd rate or worse. It is like you are eating from a totally different kitchen!

                2. We LOVE Taste of China in Clinton, CT. Superb.

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                  1. re: madisoneats

                    I agree with you. My grandson and I ate at Taste of China in Clinton, and we both loved it - good food and good service. My only regret is that I didn't get a to-go menu. Will have to next time (we live in Branford).

                    1. re: Shoreliner

                      Their menu is online at the takeouttonight website!

                  2. Being a Chinese American, I found the Chinese place in Foxwoods is surpisingly good.

                    I've had roast duck noodle soup and a side of Chinese broccoli and found them to be very authentic. Asians tend to be big gamblers, and I've discovered many casinos have little noodle/congee stands that are very good.

                    Having said this, I've read some negative reviews of this place too. I think they try to be too many things to too many people by offering a broader array of pan-Asian items, that they don't prepare as well.


                    1. I just realized how old this original post is!! Anyway...I'd recommend to anyone and everyone, East West Grille in West Hartford on New Park Avenue. They bill themselves as Laotian and Thai but they have a little bit of Japanese food, Vietnamese food and Chinese food.....
                      Everything I've had there is excellent.

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                      1. re: masha bousha

                        While we don't often get there (my oldest son doesn't like any sort of Asian food), Shanghai Gourmet in Orange is wonderful. Everything tastes fresh and is uniformly delicious. Also, it's a BYOB scenario, so we always get to bring a nice bottle of wine without paying the usual restaurant markup.

                        1. re: lsnhc

                          Shanghai gourmet and their sister restaurant(s) Village gourmet in Norwalk (also a...Gourmet in Westport & Wilton) are fantastic. I miss them terribly since I've moved up to the shoreline. Taste of China in Clinton was good, House of Chao in New Haven was better and had superb orange beef and kung Pao squid( did I mention they are BYOB). Zhang's was mediocre and expensive iMHO. If anyone can recommend me something +good+ for takeout in Guilford or Branford I would be forever grateful.

                      2. Taste of China in Clinton, and Royal Palace in New Haven are on my short list. Bentara in New Haven is usually listed as Malaysian, but many dishes are similar to Chinese.

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                        1. re: DonShirer

                          i second taste of china. Last year's renovation helps. It's comfortable and uber clean and the service is attentive without being annoying. The menu is diverse and consistent to real chinese roots. Management is always present and the place is great. I like the new green outside color and the booths. YES, Dining should be comfortable. Now gimme lounge music and I'll be there everyday

                          1. re: ElizabethHenton

                            I had been looking forward to food from Taste of China for a while now because of all the accolades in the Chowhound posts. I Love Chinese food, brought up on it in NYC, bimonthly trips to Chinatown in the 60's.
                            Well, I was sadly disappointed. I had 3 different dumpling orders from there today for lunch. All the fillings tasted the same, pretty much tasteless. Ground pork with very little else for flavor. Even the sauce for the dumplings was lame.
                            I told the order taker over the phone that I wanted 3 DIFFERENT dumplings and what did he recommend? He says fried dumpling, steam dumpling and chend du dumpling. As I said all the fillings tasted the same, the steam and fried dumplings were exactly the same but for preparation. The chend du dumpling was a 1/2 moon shaped dumpling like a pierogie in some kind of sauce that was pretty much tasteless except for the load of finely minced RAW garlic in it. Now, after all these years of eating Chinese food all over, I often judge a place buy its dumplings, and although I could be wrong here, according to my dumpling test I would not return to Taste of China.Now on the other hand I get food from the Royal Palace's authentic Chinese menu all the time and I've always been very, very happy with everything.

                            1. re: chefstu

                              Like you, I've found Taste of China lacking. You use a dumpling test, but since my friend is a pretty decent Szechuan cook, we use the Szechuan beef test and it came up well short: gloppy instead of dry-stir-fried.

                              Anyways, I would strongly recommend East Melange Buffet in the Hamden Plaza, Hamden. Went there on a Sunday (price is higher on weekends, but greater selection) and was extremely impressed by the breadth and dept of their offerings. Not just the usual buffet glop, but an extensive (8 choices) of dim sum, a half-dozen unusual Hong Kong style dishes on a side bar, etc.

                              I hadn't been there in at least two years, when it was known as East Buffet, and was indistiguishable from other good/decent Chinese buffets.

                              Well worth checking out, just make sure you go when it's busy so that there's a guarantee of sufficient food turnover.

                        2. I have not tried it-- but I hear that the new "asian" restaurant at Mohegan Sun is great.


                          Anyone been?

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                          1. re: madisoneats

                            Great Taste in New Britain (yes, New Britain) is one of the best Chinese Restaurants I have been too. The service is always excellent and the food even better! Sometimes, if you ask, you might even get some specialty dishes from the kitchen that aren't on the menu.

                            1. re: acervoni

                              House of Chao in New Haven. On par with Taipan and Little Kitchen, but BYOB!

                          2. I like Bamboo Garden on Day Hill Road in Windsor. Day Hill Road is an industrial park so you might figure the Chinese here is of the takeout slop variety. Not so, it a nice place with Chinese food that is a step up. I would put it on the same level as Great Taste.