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Jan 10, 2001 09:43 AM

Good Places in Freeport or Portland Maine?

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Can anyone suggest a good place to go for lunch/dinner in the Freeport, Maine area? Portland too is fine as well. Looking for a good, fun place to go after a day of shopping!


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  1. If you'll plug Portland, Maine into the search feature on the home page, you'll discover a wealth of suggestions. For instance, check out this link, to get you started:


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    1. re: pat hammond
      cascobay sailor

      best place to eat in freeport is actually in brunswick -- not far, on route one -- called the starfish grille. fun place, good fish and interesting sauces. nothing in freeport compares.

      1. re: cascobay sailor

        Do you know if this Starfish Grill serves a Sunday Brunch by any chance? I need a good breakfast/brunch place for this Saturday/Sunday in Bath or Brunswick.


        1. re: Iron Frank

          I actually don't like starfish grille much. Freeport has a lack of excellent dining. If you like Thai, Thai Garden (on rte 1 south of exit 19) is one of the better thai restaurants in the area. Falmouth has riccetta's pizza (on rte 1). Yarmouth has black tie (on rte 1 as well). If you want to catch lunch in freeport, try crickets on rte 1 in the southern section between exits 19 and 20

          1. re: whitney

            Yes, I agree - The Thai Garden on Rt. 1 South of Freeport was a surprising find - I tend to exaggerate, but it was one of my favorite Thai meals anywhere!

            1. re: frank

              If you are looking for a fun place to dine - not fine dining, try Gritty McDuffs on the main strip (South of LL Bean). It's a really authentic English style brew pub. They brew their own beer and serve by the pint. It's hard to get a better pint. The menu is pub style featuring burgers, shepards pie, etc and they do a real good job preparing the food. The prices are cheap too. Great place to relax with friends.

              There's also a Gritty McDuffs in the Old Port in Portland, Maine.

              1. re: fatboy

                Just heard from a chowhound friend that Thai Garden on Route 1, between Freeport and Yarmouth is FABULOSO!! I also had some doggie bag treats from there and it was terrific. Prob. the best bet in the Freeport area.