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Jan 6, 2001 07:51 AM

Seeking Restaurant in Portsmouth, RI.

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We will be in Portsmouth, RI for a concert next Friday and are seeking a place for a meal before the show. Content of plate outweighs ambience. Thanks.

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  1. Wow - this is sad (post from 2001, no replies). This was the same question I had. I am new to this area (well, a year now) and am not so thrilled with the eating out options so far. Found a decent Thai place in Middletown, kind of grooving on Portuguese food (tho the salt is killer) and Robertos in Bristol keeps getting reccomended - been there twice and found it quite ho hum.

    Where can I go for a great piece of fish, or a steak, fresh veggies, and good bread on the table for not too much $$. Any other suggestions welcome too.

    p.s. I though Newport would be my salvation but I took my mother to a place that, horror of horrors, served her fish with canned peaches instead of mango/papya salsa (she's from Berkeley, CA - so she's spoiled) very embarrasing.

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      Have you been to Quito's in Bristol for a fish dinner? I had a fine piece of fish there last summer.

    2. Have you tried Sakonnet Fish Company on Park Avenue in Portsmouth?

      1. A dear friend of mine swears by Quito (in Bristol). Never tried it personally.

        1. Not a sit-down restaurant, but the Bristol Bakery in Bristol (corner of Wood and Mt. Hope) has fantastic calzones and really good bread.

          1. I don't know from Portsmouth, but if Bristol's an option, then you need to check out Persimmon. Unlike Quitos, or the Bakery, it's a serious sit down restaurant. Higher end, but absolutely well worth it. Local produce & seafood, artisanal cheeses and clever, tasty preparations.

            DeWolfe Tavern too, on the waterfront, is supposed to be interesting, although I've heard mixed reviews. If you go there, please report back on this board.