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Jan 3, 2001 11:57 PM

Halfway Between Amhert and Northampton-BBQ Heaven

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Many years before Prudhomme and Flay brought BBQ mainstream, Sunderland, MA on Rt. 116 North between Amherst and Northampton intoduced Bub's BBQ. Their motto, "Pig Out in Style" is right on. Order your ribs, chicken,pulled pork, catfish or Chicopee Keilbasa (is there any other kind?) at the counter, wait until called and help yourself to all you want of dirty rice, collards, beans, sweet potato and a host of other goodies. Sit down on your picnic table (inside and out)and get in up to your elbows! Fine dining??? No Way! But a Chowhound's delight.

While in the Happy Valley why not check out Atkins Fruit Bowl in Hadley. Not a restaurant but a great food store. Try their Apple pies and Cider in the Fall.

Northampton-Ladybird is excellent. Check to see if they are still BYOB. If so, head up King Street (route 5) to the Big Y liquor supermarket. The wine selection will make your jaw drop.

Happy Chowing!

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  1. Absolutely! Really good and really reasonable. The best around.