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Dec 21, 2000 07:57 PM

Anything else in Pittsfield?

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We are going to be in Pittsfield and environs for a few days next week. I read the postings from last summer on the board -- a Vietnamese and and Indian place -- pretty slim pickings. Is there anything else? What about Dreamaway Lodge?? Is there any successor?

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  1. Pittsfield itself has pretty slim pickin's. Mazzeo's still offers an occasional inspired meal. (Look up in phone book.)
    Try Bistro Zinc in Lenox, on Church St. Terrific! And in Great Barrington, there's a new-ish Chinese restaurant that's worth the trip from Pittsfield -- as you drive south from Pittsfield, it's on Route 7, on the right, across from the K-Mart/Price Chopper strip mall, just as you get into town. It has a forgettable name, but steamed whole flounder, and fried tofu with black bean sauce and baby bock choy are memorable indeed! Enjoy!