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Nov 8, 2000 09:37 AM

Morse's Saurkraut.. a must visit in Waldoboro ME.

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If you are near Waldoboro Maine anytime between October and May, do yourself a favor and drive over to Morse's.
The saurkraut is the absolute best, and Aunt Lydia's Beet relish with fresh horseradish will change the way you look at beets.
I brought back a bunch.
This will grace my Pork Rib Roast on Saturday with Swans Island lady apples.

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    Peter B. Wolf

    See my post from a while back ( 10 Oct)

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    1. re: Peter B. Wolf
      betty tucker

      Could you please give me directions to Morse's. I am coming from Portland to Wiscasset on Rt. 1. Do I turn off rt1 into Waldoboro and then where?

      1. re: betty tucker

        There is a sign at Rte 1 pointing to Morse's. Turn there and keep going, for longer than you think. It's not actually in Waldoboro, it's about 8 miles west. Look for the signs. I haven't been there myself, but have glowing reports about it from my in-laws, who have.

    2. I happened upon this message the day before a trip to Rockland.

      WOW! It's all great - I bought the beet relish, the horseradish, and kraut.


      ps, Turn west accross from Moody's diner. It's 8 miles on the left.

      1. They are open year-round. The restaurant section is closed on Wednesdays.