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Oct 25, 2000 07:00 AM

Southbury CT

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DENMO'S SNACK DAIRY. This Summer Susan & I ate at Denmo's. We had a lobster roll that was delicious, all lobster, no filler, no mayo, on a toasted hot dog roll. The clam roll was even better, so fresh I wondered if there were clam beds in central CT. French fries only OK. Homemade lemonade. I don't think so. Denmo's is a kind of clam shack. I want to say down and dirty, but it wasn't dirty. Very crowded when we were there. Take X15 from I 84, go N and take the first left at the street light.

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  1. yeppers denmos is delish!

    get the fried clam large side (skip the fries-onion ringers are good there tho!)-not sure if they have clams right now -probably should call to check first.

    hamburgers and dogs are really good too.

    check out sterns live in woodbury and review Denmos on their page.

    pizza in sbury is another story-as well as chinese

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      I worked at Denmo's for 2 summers. It's always crowded so you know the food is good. The place is very clean, so don't worry about that.