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Oct 25, 2000 07:00 AM

Southbury CT

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DENMO'S SNACK DAIRY. This Summer Susan & I ate at Denmo's. We had a lobster roll that was delicious, all lobster, no filler, no mayo, on a toasted hot dog roll. The clam roll was even better, so fresh I wondered if there were clam beds in central CT. French fries only OK. Homemade lemonade. I don't think so. Denmo's is a kind of clam shack. I want to say down and dirty, but it wasn't dirty. Very crowded when we were there. Take X15 from I 84, go N and take the first left at the street light.

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  1. yeppers denmos is delish!

    get the fried clam large side (skip the fries-onion ringers are good there tho!)-not sure if they have clams right now -probably should call to check first.

    hamburgers and dogs are really good too.

    check out roadfood.com-the sterns live in woodbury and review Denmos on their page.

    pizza in sbury is another story-as well as chinese

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      I worked at Denmo's for 2 summers. It's always crowded so you know the food is good. The place is very clean, so don't worry about that.