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Oct 24, 2000 04:08 AM

Chinese in Vermont

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I've just returned from our annual trip to New England.
Friends in Montpelier, Vermont took us to a Chinese restaurant in Barre. ( I live in the SF Bay Area-where there is pretty good Chinese food.) A Single Pebble is a local favorite and deservedly so. It's a nice package: pleasant decor, very good food and friendly, competent service. An uncommon combination. The food is very savory...enjoyed the dry fried green beans, the mock eel ( shiitake mushrooms ), fried oysters, a whole fried fish with a Sichuan sauce, dumplings with sesame sauce and tangerine chicken. Everything we tried was quite tasty. An interesting sidelight is that there are no Chinese in the kitchen. Prices are moderate considering the quality of the food & the experience.
Reservations are needed for weekends. It's at
135 Barre-Montpelier Road, Barre, Vermont
(802) 476-9700 Worth a try.

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  1. I have been here, It's great, considering the ethnic food options around Montpelier are not that great.
    I am up there about 4 times a year, and try to hit it at least a few times each year. My N.Y. relatives that moved up here had raved about it when the chef use to cook a couple of times a week at a dive further out. (river something?) needless to say I was quite surprised, and yes reservations are a MUST on weekends

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      Yes, this restaurant is very popular amongst local chowhounds. The chef is very well known and comes up with some great menu items. I have heard that if you call way in advane, he will cook a special request. Also in Burlington is my fav...5 Spice Cafe...a real winner. A teeny tiny place with the best food around. Its located around the corner from the Flynn theater off of the Main Street. Check it out.

      1. re: Gael C

        5 spice is great too, very varied menu. I like most of the places on or near church street. Even NECI is pretty good, though I dont care for the fancy place in Montpelier thats part of NECI but the cafe and bakery are pretty good.