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Oct 16, 2000 09:44 PM

Lincolnville ME

  • j

THE LOBSTER POUND RESTAURANT. This is a large traditional ME seaside restaurant. Susan and I loved the lobster stew and lobster roll. Crab roll was very good. Clam roll was very good but only had 8 clams!! They had date pie, something I'd never seen before. Jellied mashed dates with home made whipped cream. If you love dates as much as I do.... In the middle of town on the seaward side.

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  1. d
    Dr. Warren H. Chelline (retired)

    Yes, indeed. I always stop at the Lincolnville Beach Lobster Pound, and steer my travelling friends to go there too; Their clam chowder is the best--whole clams, bellies and necks, and all! Wish I could go back soon. Warren