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Oct 9, 2000 11:25 PM

Dinner in New London, Ct.

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We will be attending parents weekend at Connecticut College in mid October and would like to know if anyone had dined at a restaurant called Tony D's. It is located in New London. Thank you

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  1. Hi Liz,

    I keep this article in my Road Atlas--Dining section of the December 30, 1999 Norwich Bulletin. Lee White is a local restaurant reviewer and she says about Tony D's, " handsome and glitzy and fun, sort of like Tony himself. But the food is brilliant, and that is due solely to Luigi Sferrazza and John Palladino, who do great veal, wild calamari and some of the best pasta around."

    That said, we were there this past spring on a Friday night. We just popped in and it was packed but we were seated within fifteen minutes. It was very loud and lots of fun. If I had known about back then, I would have made a mental note to remember what I ate. I just remember it was okay. But my dining partner had one of their pasta specials and it was out of this world.

    Lee White rated some other restaurants in New London in the same article as having three and a half stars. Here are names and addresses:

    Bank Street Lobster House
    194 Bank Street
    New London, CT 860-447-9398

    The Recovery Room ("best pizza")
    445 Ocean Avenue
    New London, CT 860-443-2619

    Have a great weekend!

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      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated as we do not want to appear as true freshmen parents. My friend who did reccommend Tony D's is a judge in New London. Who doesn't trust a judge--but I trust Chowhounds just a little more. I will be sure to let you know about our experience when we return. Thanks again. Liz