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Oct 2, 2000 05:40 PM

MDI Blueberry Pie

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I thought I'd wait to let MU give the rundown on our trip down east, but she hasn't had the time to write a report and I must mention the greatest blueberry pie I've ever had. It's from a little diner/ice cream shop called the Quiet Side Cafe in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island. Mindblowing pie. I was in the mood for something sweet after a pretty lame meal at the Drydock Inn across the street (nothing particularly bad there, just nothing really worth eating), so we walked in expecting a nondescript ice cream shop. While pondering what to order, a table full of locals caught our attention, pointed at the splendid purple-blue slices on their plates, and said "get the pie!" We happily obeyed.

All I can say is, go there and GET THE PIE. Amazing filling, dense and high with plump berries, sweet but not too sweet, not too much non-berry blue goo, and not runny either. The crust is tender and slightly flaky, but not crumbly and doesn't distract you from the splendid berries.

The woman who makes the pies won't serve it unless it has had the requisite cooling time and will turn people away who don't want to wait. She's having trouble because word has gotten around and she can't keep up with demand (The rangers at the Acadia Nat'l Park visitors center are starting to send people there for pie!), so don't tell her I told you to go there. Wait till it's ready, or go for a hike and come back. People seem to gather there when it's the right time.

- VF

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  1. VF....I live in Bass Harbor, 2 minutes from Southwest Harbor. I will check out that pie! Also the muffins and scones from the health food store, a short walk away, are the very best! We just moved here from NY. Have you tried the Nakorn Thai Restaurant in Bar Harbor? The best Thai we've ever had!