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Vermont Breakfast

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These are mostly third party reccos, so consider the following as research fodder rather than valuable tippage. Any comments, negative or positive, welcome, as well as additions to the list (let's make a monster resource!)

Miss Newport Diner (Newport, VT., 1940's Worcester) for omelettes

The Lyndonville Diner (Lyndonville, VT., home made) supposed to be "awesome" breakfast

My friend Don swears by Skyline Diner on RT 9
in vt near molly stark state park. It offers a 100 mile view and free seconds on waffles and french toast

Blue Benn Diner 102 Hunt Street , Rte. 7, Bennington VT 802-442-5140

Cup & Saucer Restaurant, Route 100 North, Wilmington, VT; 802-464-8062. all day breakfast. chocolate chip flapjacks, raspberry ones too, crispy hash browns, fresh eggs, Canadian bacon

The Inn at Ormsby Hill, Route 7A, Manchester Center; 802-362-1163, 800-670-2841 luxurious expensive hotel (fireplace and hot tub in room, etc), and reputedly really great breakfast. Maybe they'll let you just come for breakfast, worth a try.

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  1. The Cup & Saucer is actually SONNY'S Cup & Saucer (couldn't forget the Sonny part, because that's my dog's name!)

    Anyway, their raspberry pancakes are absolute perfection.

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      Does anyone know if the Sugar House, Royalton VT is still in existence? It used to serve really yummy and huge breakfasts, lots of coffee and maple syrup, perfect for a cold sunday am!

      Oh, and I had a really good brekfast in the grill (not the main dining room) of the Woodstock Inn last month. Homemade chicken sausage with awesome flavor and the lightest blueberry pancakes I've had outside of my Mom's kitchen. Reasonable prices, huge servings!

      1. re: Guinevere

        I believe it still serves breakfast, though it was closed the last time I passed through. The servings are, indeed, obscene!!!

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          Yes, it's still there, and still serving frisbee-sized flapjacks. I think the full name is Eaton's Sugar House. Good food and good value.

      2. My husband and I were in Vermont about a year and a half ago and discovered a nice diner between St. Albans (where we stayed) and Burlington. It's called Libby's Blue Line Diner and it's on Route 7, on the Winooski/Colchester town line, just off I-89 at Exit 16, I think. 802-655-0343 is their number for more specific directions. We ate there a few times on our trip and had good lunches. On our last day we made sure to get in early enough for the special breakfast stuff that they don't serve all day. Each day they make a different kind of bread (apple bread, banana bread, etc.) and use that for their French Toast special. It was heavenly! You almost didn't need syrup, but it's Vermont, so of course I indulged. :) It's a small place, but worth a stop. Classic diner. It's also way up on a hill compared to the road, so keep your eye out for it.

        Link: http://www.gooddeed.net/vacation/

        1. One of the best breakfasts I've had anywhere is at the Swiss Farms Inn, Route 100 N., Pittsfield. My family stayed here in the summer for a weekend and the b'fast (and dinner but we missed the dinners) was included in the price of the room. The food was amazing. The b'fast was so good we were sorry we could not make it for dinner. I had stuffed french toast and bacon and a really good cup of coffee. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so when I say this was the best, I mean it!

          1. Up for Breakfast, 4935 Main St, Manchester Ctr, VT 05255 (802) 362-4204

            Not as awesome as it used to be (over 15 years ago - when a prized special was homemade duck sausage with grilled polenta!) but still damned good and worth a small effort to get there. It can be crowded, especially on weekends, but get there before 8:30 on a weekday and you should be golden.

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            1. re: GG Mora

              Just visited this place last weekend. It was very good but not mind blowing. Split an onion/olive/goat cheese omelette...nice and fluffy but the olives were bottled greens and far too many (overpowered the omelette). Also split a short stack of blueberry buckwheat pancakes. Tasty, but a bit leathery indicating overmixed batter. The two entrees, an espresso and a tea came to $24 with tip, which I think is rather pricey, especially considering the omelette didn't come with homefries and only one large piece of toast.

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                -and much more expensive than in the not too distant past - but I don't have a real alternative though Lion's Share Bakery offers very good baked goods and coffee and then at lunch makes extremely interesting sandwiches. It is located off Rt 11/30 east of Rt 7 up a side street. A local inquiry will get you there. Further up Rt 11 (east) is a glitzy shiny metal diner on the left of the highway for rather standard but decent diner fare.

              2. Where on Rte 100 north exactly is Sonny's Cup and Saucer? I'm in that area pretty frequently and I've never even noticed it. I'm excited to try something new now!

                And add the Chelsea Royal Diner on Rte 9 in West Brattleboro to the list.

                1. It's actually the Miss Lyndonville Diner on Rt. 5 in Lyndonville, and it's an excellent, classic diner. I just had the stuffed French toast a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. The coffee mugs weigh about 2 pounds each.

                  I like the Blue Benn a lot - huevos rancheros are especially fine.

                  I've passed the Swiss Farms with their claim of "the best breakfast anywhere!" - I'll need to check it out!

                  I like the turkey hash at Up for Breakfast. It IS a pricey spot.

                  Libby's in Colchester is just a great diner. I think it's my favorite diner, period.

                  Try the Coffee Corner in Montpelier for excellent pancakes and delicious bread.

                  1. An oldy has come back brand new. The Common Ground Resturant in Brattleboro is a hippy-dippy granola type place that make a great brunch on the weekends. It is the oldest cooperatively owned and managed restaurant that has just re-opened with a new chef. Huge portions, decent prices and local organic eggs. Cant beat it. On Elliot Street on the Harmony Parking lot in downtown Brattleboro.

                    1. Is the red kettle still in northfield?

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                        No, this is a REALLY old thread, BTW. The Red Kettle has been replaced by some place called Village Pizza. I don't know if it has any relationship with the Village Pizza in Montpelier.

                      2. Nice to revisit an old post. "Still like the blue benn in bennington....

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                        1. re: jspear

                          The Common Ground is long gone and I think the same is true of the Skyline Restaurant.

                          1. re: littlej

                            Last two times I did that drive, the Skyline was obviously closed.

                            1. re: kaszeta

                              It is and has been for a long time. Royal Diner at the base of Hog Back is still open and has both good breakfast and some passible mexican, as reported by my friends who eat mexican.

                          2. re: jspear

                            I have to agree w/ the Blue Benn. They still have great omelets and I love their cinnamon doughnuts.

                          3. The Wheel Inn in Benson VT is the bomb. Great food, nice family run place. Homemade pies! Their corned beef hash was a little odd, though--great corned beef, but hash was made with mashed potatoes? It was still good.