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Sep 24, 2000 05:23 AM

Hot Dog of Rockland

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You'll know you are near by the armpit smell of frying onions. Wasses Wagaon (N. Main St.) is one of the few authentic institutions left in this once-a-working town. Wasses does one thing well. Hot Dogs...and they are damned fine. They also do it fast. The omnipresent line moves faster than the traffic on route 1. I usually go from the head of the line to the tail w/ my dog (hot mustard, extra onions). In the time It takes to run the gauntlet I wolf the to speak and then order another.
It don't come cheap; 1 dog, napkin and a cardboard tray with more fiber than the roll $1.15.

In a town that once venerated its maritime heritage, Wasses is a beacon for hot dogs with bacon.

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