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Best food all over New England?

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Short version:
I want your favorite casual restaurants (from diner to 5 star) in New England (but not Boston).

Long version:
My husband and I will be travelling all over New England in Mid-November for almost 2 weeks. I'm doing most of the very detailed [She means anal! - her husband] Hey! Um, most of the planning, including possible food stops. We do not have a planned itinerary, though we do plan to hit all 6 New England states. We're skipping Boston since we're sticking to smaller places we don't know and Boston is familiar to us. We're not snobs; we'll try any decent place from diners to 5 star restaurants. I'm the adventurous foodie - I love trying new cuisines and new meats. My husband is more of a classic meat and potatoes, white bread kinda guy, though I'm working on him. We're both allergic to shellfish, though I can eat (and do eat, and love)fish. He likes his fish finely chopped and from a can. :) More than one or two $100+ dinners on this trip is probably not a great idea. We tend to order dessert more often than we order wine (or any alcohol, for that matter), though we both drink it on occasion. Places that don't require reservations (or at least don't need them days in advance; we should have a cell phone) and allow casual dress (we won't be any worse than neat and clean jeans with a non-t shirt) are preferred. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, sushi (with cooked non-fish stuff on the menu), barbecue and somewhat adventurous contemporary American/eclectic are our favorites, but if they have a menu online (best) or in front of their building (adequate), we'll give them a looksee. Currently planned stops include West Hartford, Portland, Northampton, Nashua, Providence, Burlington, and probably others. Any other vacation recommendations are happily accepted as well. The URL that should be below is to a little form I built for people to email suggestions; feel free to use that in addition to any posts here.

In payback, I'll be posting trip reports after (and maybe during) the trip, digital photos (if we get the camera) and my utterly anal but extensive Excel spreadsheet with lots of New England travel info. That'll be at the same place.

Thanks for all your suggestions, and if you need any Central Jersey (Somerset/Hunterdon esp.) recommendations, give me a holler.


Link: http://www.gooddeed.net/vacation/

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  1. In Keene, NH try Nicola's Trattoria for fine Italian food right off Central Square by the county courthouse.

    In Manchester, NH try The Korean Place on the corner of Chestnut and Hanover Streets.

    These are two of my favorites retaurants in the state.

    In Portland, Maine try Street & Company for great seafood.

    In Brattleboro, Vermont do not miss TJ Buckleys. Better have a reservation though.


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    1. re: John Rab

      I second Nicola's in Keene -- what a gem! Also check out the chocolate place (with a horse-related theme for some reason) on the north side of the square; Timolean's right on Main Street for breakfast, and there are a number of pretty good coffee places on Main Street, as well -- I like the one nearest Nicola's, but can't remember the name.

    2. If you happen to be passing through the Worcester, MA area, here's a few suggestions.

      Hot Dog Annies - A little off the beaten path. See my other posting specifically about them.

      The Sole Proprietor - Absolute top notch seafood on Highland St., downtown Worcester. Pricey, but excellent.

      Sophie's Restaurant - American cuisine & cheap. Except for the lobsters, dinners run $5 - $10.95 and the portions are good. Avoid the seafood platter (too small for the money, $7.50) and the Veal Picatta (the cook thinks it's supposed to be made with tomatoes). I recommend the Chicken Marsala or the Rib Eye Steak. Prime rib only on special. Route 70 north off of I-290 just over the Worcester/Shrewsbury line.

      Leo's Ristorante - Just off of Shrewsbury Street, right off of I-290. Very good Italian food reasonably priced ($7 - $15). Look for the signs on Shrewsbury St., can't see it from the street.(Shrewbury St. is the Italian section of town. Several other good restaurants, Italian & other within a half mile.)

      In Leominster, MA just off of Route 2 across from the Seartown Mall is some pretty good Tex-Mex food at Borders.

      Have a nice trip!!

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      1. re: Papa Dan

        Sophies is closed and is being auctioned from what I understand. The Border in Leominster I second.

      2. Jen:

        No trip to England would be complete without heading to Camden, Maine! November is one of the best times to visit this lovely little town: It is less crowded, room rates are low, and it hasn't gotten that cold yet. You should really add it to your itinerary.

        While your in Camden, Cork Restaurant is a must try. From what yu describe, it will be perfect for both your taste and your husband's. It is one of the only restaurant's in coastal New England to special in meat (NOT SHELLFISH - although they do offer the token lobster and crab). The chef is fond of cooking many exotic game meats (i.e. ostrich, elk, wild boar, etc . . .), as well as chateaubriand, to satisfy your non-adventurous husband, (the BEST center cut of beef tenderloin I have ever had)! The wine list is beyond match in the area and has even won the Wine Specator "Award of Excellence," 3 times. All this, and there is no dress code! Be advised that in November, they start to cut back their hours to 3 - 4 days a week - Call ahead to find out. Also, the restaurant is small, so I would recommend reservations. In November they probally won't need more than 1 days's notice. Again, I would call.

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        1. re: Emma K.

          Emma K and Jen,

          Please be advised that Cork in Camden closed years ago. It's now a decent wine bar cum restaurant named Ephemere. The must-eat place in Camden is now Francine Bistro (see many, many posts on this one); in the same vein, down the road in Rockland is Primo, another fabulous $100 plus dinner place.

          1. re: Shooley

            I ate at Francine's when I was in Camden last week. It certainly was the best dinner I had in Maine. Not just good food, it was imaginative and creative, each dish an excellent blending of flavors. Decent wine list, too.

        2. In Portland I like Fore Street -- open kitchen, great variety of meats and seafoods, well prepared. It's a great place to have a wonderful meal. On Fore Street, close to the Old Port.

          If you're traveling beyond Portland up Route 1 DO NOT MISS Sarah's, in Wiscasset. No matter when you go there are lines, but it's worth the wait. Fresh homemade breads and soups, and all sorts of sandwhichs, salads, calzone-type thinggys. Huge servings, fun, relaxed place. I have NEVER had a bad meal there. In the same area, if you want more cozy, pubby dining, less kids and lines, try King Eiders Pub in Damariscotta.

          In Vermont there are tons of choices. Sweet Tomatoes, in Lebanon New Hampshire (just over the line on 89) and also in Burlington. And you must check out the various restaurants run by the VT Culinary school in Montpelier (although I can't recall any names). There is also a good little diner in Montpelier (near the book shop) with great breakfast.

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          1. re: Guinevere

            I like the Sweet Tomatoes in Rutland, but find the Burlington one too noisy (outside may be better) and very unattractive/uncomfortable in its basement setting. The nearby Leunig's Bistro has much better food and atmosphere. They also have a killer deal of an early dinner (soup/salad and mains) for $15 - you must be seated 4-5:45 or their last hour of service (varies). I had an awesome beef bourgignon there in May. The NECI place in Burlington closed several years ago (I realize the original message was from nine years ago) and I used to like the one in Montpelier, but the prices are now too high for what you get and the quality of the staff and food varies too much - Restaurant Phoebe is the best meal in town; I like to sit at the end of the bar and watch the kitchen action. I haven't been there, but have heard that Red Door is good. I think the diner on the corner ("Coffee Corner" I think) is way overpriced and horrid. I usually hate hotel restaurants, but a better breakfast (outside of the home fries, which are awful almost everywhere these days, even if they're not deep-fried) is at the Capitol Plaza (across from the State House) and they serve Starbucks.

          2. Shalimar in Portsmouth, NH. Although it's hard to find a bad restaurant in Portsmouth, the one I return to more than any other is this awesome Indian place. Park by the big whale; it's next to Banana's

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            1. re: Sara Zoe

              Shalimar is superb Indian for Portsmouth, NH but I wouldn't begin to call it the best Indian restaurant in New England.

              Bananas is now called The Sports Page.

              1. re: GeoffD

                GeoffD, it appears you ressurrected an 8 yr old post - perhaps back in 2000 Shalimar was the best around?

                1. re: GeoffD

                  Jewell of India in Biddeford, ME has been better than Shalimar for awhile. Although I recently heard that Shalimar has improved of late.

                  1. re: humin

                    really?! I gave Jewel of India one try sometime this summer and it was horrendous. My wife's chicken tikka tasted like it had sweet tomato sauce on top....completely devoid of indian spice/taste. Mine (the vindaloo) was okay, but far from special.

                    Maybe I should give it another chance. Any specific dishes you can recommend?

              2. I would recommend any of the restaurants affiliated with the New England Culinary Institute (in Montpelier, VT). They range from table d'hote style, upscale to more of a bistro atmosphere, but they're all very good and offer excellent value.

                1. In Burlington, VT...Leunigs Cafe for 'European flair' and jazz. Parima (hope it's still there) for Thai. NECI does an interesting meal...it can be super special or down home and all the servers and front of house are students. (NECI is the New England Culinary others have mentioned...in Montpelier, Essex Jct and Burlington.) In Essex they also run an Inn where I had my wedding reception...very nice.

                  In Lebanon, NH...Lui Lui's. I would call my daughter when she was at Dartmouth and I'd drive 90 miles from Burlington, VT to eat dinner with her there. LOVE the bread and dipping sauce and chicken and broccoli with penne pasta. (Buy a t-shirt, they're hysterical.)

                  In Freeport, ME...Conundrum...eclectic menu, excellent drinks menu and great wine list. Azure Cafe is another good bet.

                  (Not a fan of Fore St in Portland, too expensive and I didn't think it was all that great food-wise.)

                  (Agree with Sarah's in Wiscasset. Very casual.)

                  You'll miss all of the lobster shacks but I guess that's not a problem for you!

                  In Montpelier, VT...Sarduccis...great atmosphere, Italian cuisine and all the politicos hang out there so interesting overheard conversations. If the 'patio' is still open sit outside overlooking the river.

                  Don't forget Ben & Jerry's while you're in the neighborhood (Waterbury, VT) or Cold Hollow Cider Mill (Rt 100 between Waterbury & Stowe) for an afternoon snack.

                  Obviously not necessarily a place to eat, but you DO need breakfast, so this is a link to great B&B's in the Freeport, ME area, should that be to your liking:


                  I've always wanted to try Bintliffs in Ogunquit or Boothbay, so report back, please do, if you try this place!

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                  1. re: silly_pirates

                    NECI in downtown Burlington has been closed for a couple years.

                    1. re: silly_pirates

                      Hey SP, be warned that Parima has plummeted downhill in quality, and is now an atrocity:


                      Their dishes taste like hospital food, and are just as bland, if not more so.

                      I hope it's NOT still there. I hope this place goes out of business FAST, if it hasn't already. If and when it does, I will celebrate. That's how bad it is.

                      1. re: silly_pirates

                        Bintliff's in Portland (across from the post office) is truly great. Certainly my number one breakfast/comfort food spot in Portland thusfar.

                        The phyllo dough Reuben is to-die-for (and probably brings you closer to death with that calorie count!)

                      2. Not sure how Nashua ended up on your list of must-see places in New England but since I live in the area: you can wear jeans anywhere and reservations are usually easy to come by. Don't eat Mexican in New England, though if you insist, La Carretta is OK. Italian: Cucina Toscana (owner Davide is great). Chinese: Lilac Blossom. Sushi: Takumi (I would suggest Red Leaf, but service sucked the last time we went). BBQ: see Manchester below. Contemporary American: Michael Timothy's ($$$). Also, tapas: Manhattan on Pearl. Vietnamese: Vietnam Noodle House. Seafood: Surf.

                        You'll be near Manchester, and I recommend Premier Palette for soul food--fantastic fried chicken and beef ribs. There's another place that people are raving about--owned by Bulgarians by way of Memphis--does anybody remember the name? I highly recommend The Way We Cook--Italian and Greek cuisine expertly prepared. If the hubby is craving steak, Buckley's Great Steaks in Merrimack is very good ($$$).

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                        1. re: whs

                          I'm getting pretty tired of this "don't eat Mexican in New England" stuff. Ok, so we don't have Mexican food with the real authenticity you can find in, say, Texas (and I have been to Texas) or Arizona but for crying out loud, it's not poison!

                          There are some decent restaurants in Vermont that serve perfectly good Mexican or Mexican influenced food. The two that spring to mind are Roque's in downtown Burlington, and Miguel's on the mountain road in Stowe.

                          There's also a really good Mexican place in Salisbury, MA, of all places. La Chiquita, which was incredibly good when we went in May. Authentic? I have no idea, but definitely good and reasonably priced.

                          I wouldn't call any of these fine dining, but they're good, filling, hearty, flavourful, and fresh-cooked. :)

                          1. re: Morganna

                            Lebanon, New Hampshire (near Hanover/Dartmouth) has a good Mexican place called Gusanoz (http://www.gusanoz.com/) -- they also apparently have a location in Woodstock, VT. The owners are Mexican, the food is as authentic as local ingredients will allow, and they have live music and salsa dancing. There is also a nice place just outside Newport, NH, Red Baron, located in a renovated house just off the small local airfield just north of town on Rt 10. The owners lived in Mexico for some years, and it's not as good/authentic as Gusanos, but still worth a visit.

                            1. re: chelidon

                              Gusanos is actually decent Mexican (and I've had very good Mexican, traveling extensively in the SW/Texas/Ca). The Little Red Baron (its full name) is about a 10- minute drive away but after about 4 visits, each time hoping for something better in the way of food (they do make a decent Margarita), I've given up. There may be worse refried beans in North America but I doubt it.

                              1. re: chelidon

                                I finally tried Gusanoz this last weekend and was very happy that I did. They do Baja-style Mexican food and it really reminded me of some of my favorite places in southern CA. I had the Chili Verde plate and it was very good. I also tasted the seafood enchiladas (bay shrimp, crab and lobster) and they were tasty too. Unlike CA Mexican places the portions were not enormous, but I was happy to walk out feeling satisfied instead of stuffed to the gills. We didn't order appetizers or anything, just 2 dinner plates and couple of beers and a couple of shots of the tequila we loved so much on our honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta. Really fun, very busy, reasonably priced.

                              2. re: Morganna

                                Miguels in Stowe has been closed for months. The church st. location killed both locations. They are just doing the chips and salsa now. Another closed restaurant in the Stowe area.

                                1. re: mjp81

                                  Ahh well, see I haven't been there in a while. *sigh* That's a shame, I liked their food and wished I'd lived closer. :)

                                2. re: Morganna

                                  Suppose you visited Albuquerque and ordered a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and it came back reeking of garlic, tomato- based w/ canned clams and sweet potatoes.What would you think? It may taste good, but it is not New England cusine. It is the same with Southwesteners eating Mex. in New England. It just ain't the same! I've almost given up and only prepare my own New Mexican food w/ imported products. I am, however looking forward Authentica Restaurant in S. Hadley later this month.

                                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                                    Sorry, but that's ridiculous. By your logic the only "best" NE food would be made with cranberries and maple syrup. Getting clams in NM isn't the same as getting chicken in Boston. I've had good NE clam chowder in other coastal areas such as Seattle.

                                    Have you been to Tu y Yo in Powderhouse sqaure for real Mexican food, not TexMex? Also, Casa Romero in the Back Bay, a bit upscale but they've been doing it a long time?

                                    I've had Mexican / TexMex food all over the southwest and eating it in NE isn't like eating a tomato/sweet potato/canned clams based NE chowder. We just have a lot more bad TexMex.

                                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                                      Ole in Inman Square Cambridge has excellent, authentic Mexican food. Very much what you'd find SOUTH of the border. Also La Paloma in Quincy is another great location for Mexican. Other than that, I can't find any good Mexican food in the greater Boston/ New England area.

                                    2. re: Morganna

                                      Miguel's in Stowe went from very good american-mexican to really sub-average in the last couple years. Still holds a special place in my heart for a nice place to stop for a drink before checking in at stoweflake for the weekend, but there are better places in Stowe (not Mexican). oh and now I just read that they closed- that's shocking and sort of sad. Wish they could've just improved the food.

                                      1. re: Morganna

                                        Next time you're eating at La Chiquita, grab an order of nopales. Their cactus salad rules, and I've been unable to find it in my area (Providence). It was almost as good as what I've had in Mexico.

                                      2. re: whs

                                        You may be thinking of KC's Rib Shack, and if you're not you should be. Amazing ribs.

                                      3. Maine Diner right on Route 1 in Wells, Maine.

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                                        1. re: taxi

                                          have you gone to the MD lately? I want to say I loved it, but the service was horrible and the food wasn't great by any means. I think the hashbrowns were three days old and what we got was about 2 ounces worth. I took my kids there because of the recs here and we were sadly disappointed. Did we hit it on a bad day????

                                          1. re: taxi

                                            I'll second this recommendation. Try the seafood chowder, blueberry pie. It's very much a diner, you can wear that t-shirt here.

                                          2. If you're driving through Connecticut check out Super Duper Weenie Wagon -- great for lunch. 306 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield (Exit 24 off I-95)

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                                            1. re: Elizzie

                                              LOL...That's gotta be the BEST rec I've ever seen on this board.

                                            2. In West Hartford is the Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park...it's BYOB/American food in a pretty setting...although mid-November is probably not the best time anywhere in NE...the center is full of restaurants with recent posts...many may be more $$/upscale than you want to spend..although without alcohol you can probably eat just about anywhere...Quaker Diner is good for breakfast...Tapas is Mediterrranean..great food..

                                              in downtown Hartford is the very casual Black Eyed Sallys.....BBQ/Cajun with live music

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                                                1. re: Elizzie

                                                  Quaker Diner is on Park Rd near S Quaker Lane

                                              1. Southern MA,RI border,
                                                Try Lowells in Mendon, Brians in Linwood. Both have excellent seafood, Brians has all you can eat PrimeRib on Monday's that is worth the trip, if nothing else. Both are local hangouts and the service is usually great. $$

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                                                1. re: othervoice

                                                  As someone who lives nearby, I'd have to nix both of those suggestions - I'd be horrified if somebody came hundreds of miles, ate at Lowells and Brians, and thought that was "good food" in New England. Both are mediocre in my opinion. Brians is also very dingy & depressing inside - I've been twice (because there's so little in the area) and will never go back.

                                                2. If you're coming to Connecticut, you should really consider going to New Haven for their white clam New Haven-style pizza. It's not like Jersey pizza, but it's one of those things you can't find anywhere else.

                                                  Also, if you're in central CT, stop at Ted's in Meriden for steamed cheeseburgers.

                                                  While you're in the area of Northampton (love that place!), check out The Moan and Dove in nearby Amherst. There's no food, but it's been rated as the best place to have a beer in America....for good reason.

                                                  There's also a Tibetan place in downtown Northampton, I forget the name, but it was very good. They served yak there.

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                                                  1. re: rmmcgrath

                                                    Or stop in Northampton at the Dirty Truth, a bar owned by the Moan and Dove guy, featuring about 35 taps and an excellent selection. Moan and Dove is very nice (smaller, cozier) but has fewer taps.

                                                  2. I agree 100% with whs' Nashua recommendations. Cucina Toscana is fantastic. I went again this past week. The antipasto toscano is a great way to start. Their bread and dipping oil is amazing. This time I tried the lasagna and it was excellent. Various types of meat in the sauce...even a roast beef like meat.

                                                    1. If you are driving from W Hartford to Providence along 95 stop in Stonington and try Noah"s in Stonington Borough. Excellent breakfast lunch and dinner - casual, won't need a reservation this time of year if during week (would call for a Friday or Saturday night). Has great fish dishes for you and beef, pork, less adventurous fare for your husband (eat at the bar - great bar menu aswell) hard to list what they have because menu changes seasonally and the fish dishes depend on what's landed on the dock that morning. Listed in "The 1000 places to go before you die US and Canada" version and here is their website www.noahsfinefood.com.

                                                      1. In West Hartford try Barcelona for tapas. If you get to New Haven, I'm sure we all will have many more suggestions!

                                                        1. driving north in maine, stop at the Robinhood Meetinghouse in Georgetown, just over the bridge from bath, turn right towards the state park and look for signs. Won't be disappointed....lots of tastings, ask for cream cheese bisquits...yummy! Stop at the Back Street Bistro in Brunswick also...

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                                                          1. re: jspear

                                                            Wow - excellent recommendations so far. Only a few things to add:

                                                            NH: On I-89, exit 11, good stopping point for lunch: Peter Christian's Tavern. well-prepared, creative sandwiches, soup, pot pies, stews, things like that.

                                                            MA: another place for really interesting sandwiches -- High Rise Baking company in Cambridge -- just NW of Harvard Square (probably a bit too far to walk). Will make you wonder why anyone would go to Panera bread.

                                                          2. I'm ROFL at all the recent responses to a query that was originally posted 7 YEARS AGO! Do you suppose Jen is still following the thread? ;-) Funny thing is, I've picked up a lot of useful info from this months posts.


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                                                              1. re: groaker

                                                                Hahahaha!!!!! I am guilty of that!!! I can't believe it!!!

                                                                1. re: RandyL

                                                                  no wonder the link to her blog didn't work!

                                                              2. Fat Boy drive in, in Brunswick, ME (25 minutes north of Portland) - NE type drive in fast food...they have fried seafood, but they're famous for their frappes (so good!) and whopper burgers...they also have BLT with canadian bacon. It's a staple around mid-coast, do try it. Oh wait I just realised that you're going in Nov, which means it's going to be closed...sniff. But that's a rec if you are there before Columbus day...

                                                                I would say no to Fore Street - might be too expensive. However, dunno why no one's mentioned duck fat yet - sounds like it's RIGHT up your alley! It's more a lunch place...but they have delicious belgian fries with a few dipping sauces to choose from. Very casual. www.duckfat.com

                                                                While you're in Portland, check out some of the breweries...I know you don't drink much alcohol, but they have shipyard there.

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                                                                1. re: relativeways1

                                                                  I’d sailed the waters of Long Island Sound and New England for almost 40 years and most of my favorite places are either right on the water front or within a short walk of the docks.

                                                                  The first one that comes to mind is the New England Brewery in Norwalk, CT. My wife and I would sail over there at least once a month. The food and the beers are excellent. They make everything from scratch there, even the condiments. It’s very casual and their prices are very reasonable.

                                                                  Sailing up the coast a bit you have Essex, CT, where there is the Griswold Inn; the oldest continuously operating inn in America. If you like things like duck, prime rib and lobster, it’s the place to go. You might also want to have a few pints in the pub, before hand, it’s an interesting experience. It’s a wee bit pricy, but the food is excellent and worth it. Oh yeah, it's also quite casual but don't be surprised to see people in, somewhat, formal attire. We usually go in there in whatever we were wearing on the boat; which has sometimes included foul weather gear.

                                                                  Moving on a bit further, you have Capt. Daniel Packer Inn in Mystic, CT. The food is excellent and their prices are reasonable. Though they have full formal dining upstairs, the wife and I prefer the pub on the ground floor. The atmosphere is very casual and there’s usually a nice fire going in the big stone fireplace during the colder months.

                                                                  Sailing on a bit further, you have the Compass Rose in Newport, RI. The seafood is exquisite, a bit pricey, but exquisite. Okay, so it’s not just pricey, it’s downright expensive, and the atmosphere is…. just what you’d expect from the “yachties” in Newport. :-D

                                                                  Have fun!

                                                                  1. re: Irish29483

                                                                    Irish, there's no place called Compass Rose in Newport.

                                                                2. Great question! Sounds like you'll be having a fun trip. Here are a few of my personal favorites throughout New England, all of which are casual:

                                                                  -- Skip's Roadside Diner, Gill, MA (Polish food served from a trailer along Route 2)
                                                                  -- Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA (classic colonial New England spot west of Worcester
                                                                  -- Vanilla Bean Cafe, Pomfret, CT (fun little roadside cafe in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut)
                                                                  -- Mamma Luisa, Newport, RI (excellent Italian food in a warm and cozy spot that feels like someone's home)
                                                                  -- Thompson House Eatery, Jackson, NH (romantic, eclectic spot in one of NH's most beautiful towns, just south of Mt. Washington)
                                                                  -- Grandma's Kitchen, Whitefield, NH (friendly diner in the middle of nowhere north of the White Mountains)
                                                                  -- Darby's, Belfast, ME (funky, quirky spot in a great little seaside town in central Maine)
                                                                  -- Foxfire Inn, Stowe, VT (good Italian food in an old roadside inn north of town)
                                                                  -- Putney Diner, Putney, VT (homey, cozy place in a charming town north of Brattleboro)
                                                                  -- 158 Main, Jeffersonville, VT (healthy, organic food--and great breakfasts--in a little village near Smuggler's Notch)

                                                                  Have fun!

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                                                                    1. re: invinotheresverde

                                                                      LOL, I just noticed that. Oh well, I hope they had a nice time all those years ago. ;-b

                                                                    2. re: hiddenboston

                                                                      Finally, finally tried Skip's in Gill and had the best lunch! I got the Polish sampler and fell in love with the Kapusta, big time. The pierogies were amazing and even the kielbasa was tasty with the brown mustard, even though its something I never order normally. I can totally see myself craving this place for lunch...

                                                                    3. Here are suggestions for both the West Hartford , CT area and the CT shoreline area of Old Saybrook/Essex (I live in both.)
                                                                      West Hartford - in West Hartford Center, Max's Oyster Bar is excellent (meat as well as seafood) but do it for lunch and not for dinner when it's noisy and hard to get in, and don't let them seat you by the bathroom in the back. Stay in the front or on the raised level. Go across the line to Hartford and in one little strip of stores on Farmington Avenue you'll find real Mexican at Monte Alban; amazing food, desserts and tea at Tisane, and pretty good Ethiopian (can't remember name). Additional Parking available in the yellow marked lanes in the back of the Kinko's parking lot across the street.
                                                                      On the shore, amazing authentic Italian food in Old Saybrook at Tiberio's in strip mall on Route 1 a little ways east of Route 95 Exit 66. I agree with earlier poster about the Griswold Inn in Essex but advise you eat in the wine bar instead of the dining room - all small plates and delicious. Have fun!

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                                                                      1. re: Bobbif

                                                                        I would have to recommend the Common Man in Ashland, NH. Comfortable, casual, with really good food. It is right off of I-93 about 1hour and 30 minutes north of Nashua. It is in the Lakes Region of NH right near Squam Lake where "On Golden Pond" was filmed. Beautiful area. Worth the trip north. I also have to wonder why Nashua?
                                                                        You also should visit Portsmouth NH. Lots of rich history there. The bar at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth has great comfort food.

                                                                      2. Le Domaine and The Crocker House, both in Hancock, Maine.

                                                                        www.ledomaine.com & www.crockerhouse.com

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                                                                        1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                          The Kitchen Table and Sonoma Station in Richmond, Vt (on the way to Burlington from Montpelier.) For traditional, the scallop pie at the Red Parka Pub in North Conway (I think), NH. I wish I could find that recipe.....

                                                                        2. My best meals in New England:
                                                                          Michael Timothy's - Nashua, NH (seared duck breast & leg confit, or sole stuffed w/ crab & leek)

                                                                          Fore Street - Portland, ME (anything - boar three ways, venison, fish prepared perfectly)

                                                                          and the big surprise:
                                                                          Four Sisters Owl Diner - Lowell, MA (best Eggs Benedict I've ever had, coffee not so great)

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                                                                            I'd suggest you don't add to this ancient thread and post future comments to the Best Dishes in NE List at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/618916

                                                                          2. In Portland ME visit Grace. It just opened in July in a refurbished church. It's beautiful and they have a fantastic menu. Visit the wed site to see what I mean. You can get a good feel of the place from the pictures on their site, they also have their menu posted. Make reservations and request to sit upstairs in the mezzanine.