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Sep 17, 2000 07:05 AM

Super Duper Weenie

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Does anyone know if Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, CT, is open on Sundays? I was thinking of driving out there today (a Sunday), but their Web site does not list their hours. Thanks!

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  1. They're closed on Sunday, unfortunately

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    1. re: Cathy

      That's OK, Cathy; thanks anyway for the info. I checked the Super Duper Weenie Web site and it didn't list their hours so I called a little while after posting my original message and, by coincidence, someone answered the phone and (sadly) notified me that they're not open on Sundays. Not to worry, though...

      Instead, I took a trip out to Rutt's Hut in Clifton, NJ, which is actually much closer to my location (NYC) than Fairfield. Now, I should point out that after having sampled Gary Zemola's hot dogs at the Super Duper Weenie, I've emerged with a tremendous amount of skepticism regarding claims of exceptional or superior dogs. And I had never been to Rutt's Hut; I'd only heard about it.

      The bottom line: The hot dogs at Rutt's Hut are, at least for me, a very close second to those at Super Duper Weenie. I was very shocked to come to this conclusion, because until today I really didn't think that anything came even remotely close to Super Duper Weenie's New Englander. In NYC, the only decent hot dogs are at Katz's Delicatessen and F&B, but as solid as these two restaurants' dogs are, they are in a completely separate (and lesser) league from those at SDW.

      Rutt's Hut was great, though. The ripper, covered with the counter relish, is the way to go. I had three of 'em.

      1. re: EMS

        I live in N.J. and wanted to try Super Duper Weenie on my way to Maine, but unfortunately I was travelling to and from Maine on consecutive Sundays, and as mentioned, they are closed. Can someone tell me what brand of dogs they used, and if they are boiled, deep fried or grilled? Also, how do the compare to Rawley's? This is a place that my nephew raves about, but one I haven't tried. There are many places in N.J. that I'm sure are as good or even better than these 2, although I'll have to reserve judgement until I've tried them. As a previous poster mentioned, Rutt's Hutt is very good. I go when I'm in the mood for a deep fried dog. There are a few places in N.J. that are even better. Syd's in Union serves the best hot dog I ever had. A char broiled Best Brand all beef dog. Spicy and most flavorful. Jerry's in Elizabeth is a close second. Others that I consider better than Rutt's Hut are Galloping Hill Inn in Union, and Max's and the Windmill in Long Branch. The Windmill has several locations. E-mail me for directions if needed.

        1. re: John Fox

          I don't know the brand of dog, but from what friends tell me who have been there, what sets this place apart isn't the dog itself, but the amazing homemade relishes and fresh-cut fries. The owner is a CIA graduate, so I think he puts a lot of attention into the details.

          1. re: John Fox

            The hot dogs at Super Duper Weenie are grilled. According to a review that appears on their Web site, the dogs themselves are made by Miller's Provisions in Stratford, Connecticut; they are described in the review as "expensive, but the best [the owner] could find." The hot dogs are served on fresh rolls baked by French's Bakery, also in Stratford.

            As I said in an earlier post, SDW's hot dogs are unreal. Having one was like seeing in color after a lifetime of seeing only in black-and-white. SDW serves a hot dog called the New Englander, which is well worth a long drive. I was unaware of what was possible with a hot dog before I tried one. It's the type of hot dog that makes you say, "Now, THIS is what a hot dog is supposed to taste like!" The initial thing that struck me about it was how good the dog itself (i.e., sans toppings) was, so--given your interest in hot dog brands--it is definitely one to check out.