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Sep 12, 2000 08:10 PM

Golden Lamb Buttery, Brooklyn, CT

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Has anyone ever been to The Golden Lamb Buttery in Brooklyn, CT? Thoughts? Experiences?

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  1. I have dined at the Golden Lamb Buttery several times, but the last visit was almost four years ago. The food is fabulous, and the bucolic setting is magical. It is open only from June to December, and only certain evenings, and just two days for lunch, I believe. They do not take credit cards, and it is very expensive. But I can truly say that dining here is the most wonderful and romantic experience I have ever had. GO! Fall Foliage season would be an ideal time to visit. When you get there, they take you on a hay ride through the grounds, while you have a cocktail and are serenaded by a folk singer!

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      Thanks for the reply. I actually live in Brooklyn, CT(not far from the restaurant) and have been to the Golden Lamb Buttery many many times but haven't been in a couple of years. I agree with everything you said including the very expensive. But it is truly an experience. I especially enjoyed having lunch there.

      Thanks again,

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      Theresa McManus`

      I have eaten there and we had our company Christmas
      party there and the food and the service were out of this world. Would say its the best I've ever had.

      1. My husband & I have been to GLB 3 times in the last three months.We love the food, atmosphere, piano player, and guitarist who plays your favorite songs. The service is topnotch. We haven't gone on the hayride yet, it is not mandatory. Yes the granddaughter has taken over for the Booths. She is doing a great job. They have polite to us on the phone, and very hospitable when we are there. We went this December for our 50th wedding anniversary,and were treated exceptionally well. I have only good things to say about the GLB.

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          Search the boards for the negative comments too, most having to do with the place being "old fashioned." They still have a dress code I believe (jackets and ties for men), for example. GLB has some detractors and is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Might be best place east of Cavey's though.

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            For another "experience" place in that area, there's also Still River Cafe in Ashford ( Boston Magazine named it the #1 Foodie Destination in New England.

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