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Sep 10, 2000 09:38 PM

Looking for sources

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Living outside of Augusta Maine. I'm searching for close-by (150 Miles) stores that carry: Schaller & Weber Deli Meats, Usingers Wurstwaren, Source for imported Italian Mortadella, and all the Cheese from France I can get. Also Rubschlager German Rye Bread, or anything close to a real German Hard Sourdough Rye Bread. I am willing to ride it out in my Van with cooler in the back. Thanks.

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    deborah firestone

    Portland: Portland Public Market (Cumberland Ave) has a great cheese place (Horton's - it's like a candy store) which also carries a great line of smoked fish. There used to be a sort-of German deli there, but it's gone. Also Portland Greengrocer carries an interesting variety of cheeses. Some can be very exotic. Ditto Whip & Spoon. Both of these are on Commercial St. And don't forget Micucci's (India St.), an Italian deli (not like in NY, but what do you expect?). They carry a fair amount of cheese. Not sure if the mortadella is imported. While you're in that area, try Standard Bakery (below Fore Street, the restaurant, around back). Best baguettes north of NY (maybe even the best in this country). Everything there is great, actually.

    And, further up the coast, there is a German smokehouse-kind-of-strange-little-place on the road to Port Clyde (down that peninsula from Thomaston). I don't remember the name. It's in a house right on the main road down that peninsula. Owned by a German couple, I believe. They smoke their own stuff there and also carry a line of German deli products.

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      I believe the German smoke house you speak of is called "Kahn's." Stop in at Lily, Lupine & Fern (Main Street, Camden) and ask for Gary. He's originally from NJ, and had been trying for years to get the good stuff up here. His shop carries very good bread and meats. If he doesn't have it, he'll do his damnest to find it for you.

    2. I left out a good one - in Portland, on Commercial St. also, is Brown Trading Co. They are a company that used to do wholesale only. They supply fish to many very high-end restaurants in NY and Paris. ALso caviar. They have an exclusive contract to carry Iranian caviar in the U.S., I am told. So they have great fish and caviar, but also many cheeses. And wine.

      I just read (in Julia Child's bio - Appetite for Life) that MFK Fisher's favorite "junk food" was Iranian caviar. Julia's is Pepperidge Farm goldfish!

      1. Peter, I'll be looking for sources in your neck of the woods soon myself. Moving to Skowhegan the middle of next month. Living in St. Louis now, I'm able to find pretty much what I want in terms of cooking ingredients. Lots of Asian markets and some Mexican as well. Is there anything special around your (and my) area in Maine? Good bakers, special produce places, anything offbeat you can think of? Thanks very much in advance. pat
        p.s. Thinking of 150 miles as "close by" is definitely going to take some getting used to! p.

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          Good luck, Pat! Not to say you won't be eating very well in your own neighborhood, but.... I don't think you will be eating very well in your own neighborhood!

          Skowhegan! Jeezum crow, as they say up they-ah. Not the food capitol of northern New England. Your closest and best bet besides Portland (which really is a wonderful town for food, and a place where you can find almost any ingredient you can think of) is probably Quebec City(!) which is actually fairly close (maybe even within that 150 mile range!). I need to be closer to my food sources.

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            QUEBEC CITY??!! Holy Cow!
            Well, I'll tell you, if John and Matt Thorne could manage in Steuben, I'll manage in Skowtown. Let us not forget the wonderful resource that is Shop and Save. That's got to be the best grocery store I've ever set foot it. I do love Portland. Spent a good bit of my youth on Peaks Island. pat

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              I had to call my sister in Skowhegan to read your post to her. "Jeezum crow" had me on the floor. She said to tell you about the Lakewood Inn in Skowhegan, which I've not been to, I think this was the first season. I do know the location is gorgeous. She enjoyed her meal there very much. It's also where the Lakewood summer theater is. If you're ever going to be in the neighborhood, email me and I'll meet you for lunch at the bowling alley! pat

              1. re: pat hammond

                >>If you're ever going to be in the neighborhood, email me and I'll meet you for lunch at the bowling alley! >>

                It's a deal. And if you are coming down Portland way, email me as well. We'll see what we can find.